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Difference in Reps Off a 1-Board & None


I am just curious as to what everybody's difference is between their 1-board press and regular bench without any boards, in terms of reps and weight.


Usually whatever I can double off one board I can press in a meet.


My 1 board and off the chest are indentical. 2 Board + is where I start getting more reps / more weight.

Here's an interesting twist of a board press & not quite a "manpon". Get a set of foam yoga blocks. Walmart sells a 2 pack of them for $10. They are the same thickness as a 2 board. Use one as is and cut the other in half with a bread knife or other serrated edge knife ( steak knife etc) to make it like a 1 board. They weigh dick and they fit in your gym bag. They'll also fit right under your tee shirt so that eliminates the need for having someone hold a fukking board on your chest or doing some Mc Gyver shit like using a mini band or equally gay strapping method to keep it on your chest.

The foam will allow the bar to sink in a little too if you let it, kind of like a regular bench press. I've been doing this method for some time now so maybe that's why my 1 board is the same. IDK.




About 15lb more on 1 board. Also, if you use short lengths of 2x4 for your boards, about 12-18" long, you can stick them under your shirt for board pressing. I've gotten by for years with a 1 board, and a 3 board, which can be turned on its side for a 2 board, or combined for 4. Wrap them in a light hand towel, and wear a shirt that isn't baggy and good to go. Don't try this with a bench shirt...


oh man why the disclaimer at the end? you gotta let people learn the hard way with these things


I'm thinking I'm pretty close to this based on a true 1 rm of 335 touch and go boardless and 295x5x3 paused off a 1 board, which I'm counting as good for about a 6 rep max which is about a 350 lb 1 rm, each performed within maybe 3 weeks of each other.

I'm better at pausing on the boards, too.