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Difference In Kinds of Protein?


So I went into GNC today, and was talking to the guy about protein. I told him that I read on here that Casein protein (im not sure if that spelling is correct) is a higher quality of protein, than Whey. He told me that they are equal quality, and that the only difference is that Casein protein takes longer to digest.

Does that make it better? Should I trust the people @ GNC? On that note, should I trust the people here? I mean, they sell a product on T-Nation.com, and it's not offcial by any means. Whose to say that all this information is BS? Thanks,



Trust no one.


Actually, the product that is sold here on T-Nation.com really is official. Really.

Go ahead and trust them; they're all very, very nice people. You have my word on it.


Trust me. I'm a doctor.


I meant that this site is not offical. I didn't mean that the product they sell isn't official.


What are you talking about? What is official? The GNC guy is right. No one here would tell you different. Casein (such as in Grow!) has its place. So does whey. The fact that casein is slow-acting makes it superior for certain things. Such as before bed. It you're using a protein supplment before bed, you don't want it to be whey. You want it to have a good amount of casein, preferably micellar casein as Grow! does.


Oh, sorry I misunderstood.

But the answer is still the same. Yes, this site is official. If you ask nicely, TC might even post a picture of a certificate of some sort authenticating the "officialness" of this site. Trust me, this really is an official site. Really.


Aye, but which officials do you trust?


I'm pretty confiused right now... and I still can't decide on the right weight gainer to use. Is soy protein THAT bad? (and yes, I've read the article...)


I would trust the guys here. I've used their stuff for a while (4years) and compared it to others, and believe me, this stuff is hands down the Best.

In fact, the guy who turned me on to this site has been to a lot of the pro's seminars, (Berardi, King, etc.), is well renowned in his own field and he swears by this stuff.
Total gains in the past 4 years has been 23 lbs, and maintaining bf% at less than 10, and thats not even considered very good.


I'm not sure you should care much about Casein if all you're looking for is a weight-gainer. Doesn't matter how much you know about protein specs and qualities, you're not going to find a "weight-gainer" with any real decent protein. I think you'd be better off increasing your lean protein intake from food and throw in a few shakes a day to up your calories a bit. If you're worried about quality then, Grow! is pretty much the best you can buy quality/price-wise. That GNC guy will just try to sell you the biggest jug of Whey Concentrate they make.

And also, it's a strange thing to ask a bunch of people a question and then state that you won't trust the info they give you.


Sometimes the people at GNC will sell you whatever they get the biggest commission or kickback on. I'd trust this site much more than what the college kid at GNC is trying to push off.