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Difference In Isometrics


Hello CT,

I have quick question, what’s the difference between these two deadlift isometrics:
1.) you load a bar , lift it a very short range and than you pull against a pin as hard as you can. (For example the pin is below the knee and that’s your sticking point)
2.) you load a bar with so much weight that it is sure that you can’t lift it and than you pull as hard as you can.(for example the bar lays on a pin below knee.)


1 is functional isometrics 2 is overcoming isometrics

Both are fairly similar in that they have their greatest impact on concentric strength (whereas holding a weight art a point in the range of motion is best for hypertrophy and eccentric strength).

The former is a bit superior especially when it comes to learning to “beat the sticking point” because its dynamic structure is similar to a sticking point (dynamic phase preceding the stoppage of the bar). It also has a slightly better transfer to concentric strength and has the advantage of being more measurable.

The later has the advantage of being less neutrally and energetically draining.


Thank you CT, great answer ! :slight_smile: