Difference in Dosage

Hello, I plan on beginning a cycle of Testosterone Cypionate soon. This will be my first cycle I have ever done, aside from one prohormone I took over a year ago. My dilemma is that my buddy says to only do 200mg/week for 10 weeks. When I have read many many times that unless it’s at least 400-500mg/week it just isn’t worth it. So my question is how big of a difference would 200mg/week be from 400-500mg/week for 10 weeks if my diet and training is on key, and the same for both scenarios.

Thanks for any reply.

First off, how about some stats about yourself.

Time and time again this magic 500 number comes up. A lot of users used that as our first cycle, I used that as my first cycle. But look at it this way: average healthy young male produces roughly 70mg of testosterone per week. 200mg per week of testosterone cypionate, taking into consideration ester weight is about 140mg of actual testosterone which would be doubling your test levels. Would this create gains? Of course it would. Will it be as much as 500mg/wk, no. But, its your first cycle. You could certainly respond well to a lesser amount than 500mg. But the choice is yours.

Alright thanks for the reply.
24 years old
Been lifting for 6 years
And I weigh about 162 lb.s

I was thinking 400mg/week split into 2 shots a week. With proper diet, training, rest, and pct I hope to see somewhat good results.