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Difference in Deadlift Grips?


I am trying to get info on differences in how you grip the bar during a deadlift. Specifically, is there a difference between standard (hands same direcction) grip and baseball grip (hands facing in opposite directions) during deadlifts? It seems that since the muscle groups used during a deadlift are back and legs, that grip doesn't matter, but I just wanted to know for sure.


You can just hold more weight with you hands alternated. That said though there is plaenty to be said for switching which hand is face up/face down, so your shoulders don't get too out of whack. I play around with my grip depending on the weight I am using and what I am doing to get different things out of DLs, RDLs, and rack pulls.

The point being sometimes if the weight doesn't challenge your grip (say on higher rep RDLs) you can use a weaker grip (for instance double underhand) and work on something else at the same time, so in one accessory lift you hit your grip more, work on your posture and upper back strength while doing a hamstring accessory lift. So, in essence grip matters, but not in the way you were thinking for pulling heavy (I am guessing) you just go with what is strongest for you.


Most people are stronger with a mixed grip, but I've seen people who pull with a double overhand grip in competition, so its not always necessary.
As for keeping things balanced(shoulders,traps), if you pull heavy with a mixed grip, warm up with a double over hand grip.


I think using mixed grip is okay, if you can deadlift over 300 lbs. Anything lighter looks silly to me.


As was said earlier, you can pull more weight with a mixed grip. You should use an overhand grip as much as you can, though, so you can build up your grip strength more equally. When the weight gets too heavy to pull with an overhand grip, switch to a mixed grip but be sure to alternate which hand is overhand to prevent imbalances in grip strength. Some will tell you to alternate with each set, but I like alternating with each rep.


No one competes with a regular double overhand. You probably saw a hook grip, though thats pretty rare.


I personally don't like the alternating grip. I find having the palm forward, my biceps engage too much.


I was referring to that guy. Is he using a hook grip?


thanks for the advice everyone.


Wait... you can fuck up your shoulders if you don't alternate which hand is underhand/overhand when doing mix grip?


I don't know if you'll mess your shoulder up, but you'll develop imbalances in strength levels. The hand over the bar does the lion's share of the work in supporting the weight. A powerlifting gym has posted a series of Q&A vids on the powerlifting board on them discussed this very topic. The answering the question said that he used to not alternate hands and over time he noticed a difference in the size of his upper traps, so that would lead me to believe that ALL of the supporting musculature in the back (spinal erectors aside) would be affected as well. That means your lats, rhomboids, and the entirety of your traps, not just the upper fibers. If that is indeed the case, I could see how it's possible to mess your shoulders up.


It does look like that guy is using a hook grip. When you see his first two fingers pointing out as he grabs the bar and then wraps them around, he is overlapping them over his thumb (that's a hook grip). To the best I can tell he is using a hook grip.