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Difference in Chalk?

Im getting chalk for my strongman event. My friend is an avid rock-climber and says he can help me get chalk. Is rock climbing chalk same as weightlifing chalk?


Yes, it’s the same.
There are 3 types:
Block, as it’s name suggests is in block ~3.5"x3.5"x3".
Powder, duh a powder, and
Ball, this is powder in a tight fabric bag- the chalk comes through the fabric. This type tends to be used for indoor climbing, as it produces the least dust.
Block is my preference, as you can apply the chalk where you need and as heavily as required.


Thanks dax.

use the white stuff. most of the colored chalk looks goofy on you plus you need it to do your pastel chalk artwork, while the white chalk is a dime a dozen.
Put the sticks in a bag and hit them with a hammer until there are no bulges left. when the dust clears, you’ve got your chalk.
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