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Difference In Blast Between 300mg and 500mg?


Currently on TRT- been on for about a year. Protocal is 175mg per week split by pinning eod, with about 0.5mg anastrozole a week. Dr prescribed.

I don’t lift- ride bikes - lots of bikes. Currently doing about 12 hours a week HARD cardio.

I’ve plateud- TRT has definitely taken my fitness and strength to another level across the last year but the gains have slowed to a halt.

I’m considering blasting at 300mg or 500mg.

My question is- is there a big difference between the two - bare in mind this is for cardio sports not creating lots of muscle mass - although a few extra kg of quad a glute would probably help with sprinting style efforts.

How long is it safe to run say 300mg? Could I run this for say 20 weeks?

What about 500mg - presumably shorter?

Any advice welcome.


Steroids are for building muscle. Im sure there is no need for 500mg cuz rarely there is a need for that much for bodybuilding. Not sure what you want from more test in regards to riding a bike. I think some sports specific blast would be a better option than test.

Muscle growth on the legs and increased recovery.

What sports specific blasts are there that would suit? was considering some EQ but I’ve never touched anything bar test and am slightly worried about sides.

Don’t need epo as current hematocrit is running at 50% will prob do a donation mid blast to stop it getting too high.

Try 300mg first. Plenty compared to what your running. Keep anastrozole dosage the same, unless you start to notice sensitivity in nipples, and water retention, then just take it twice a week. I’m guessing your lean and won’t have an issue.

Better recovery of course. However I really suggest a donation first. Whole blood of course. I just did mine with Red Cross. I mean come on, free snacks after, worth it lol.

Try that for 12 weeks. Get bloods and see where your at. Drop back down to TRT for awhile.

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Your goals could be met doing squats. You might have to cut your biking by an hour or two a week, but for your goal, 300 mg per week, and two tough squat sessions would probably yield better results than just doing 500 mg and only biking.

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Not sure if you noticed he is on TRT. Therefore since he isntaking exogenous testosterone, there is no natural testosterone production.

Huh? I know he is on TRT. I am just replying to his statement that he wants a bit bigger legs for cycling. IMO, a lower dose blast and squats would get better results than the 500 mg/wk blast.

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My bad, I thought you were going with squatting increases testosterone lol.

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Cheers. @mnben87 it doesnt quite work like that. Squatting develops a lot of mass that is good for very short periods of time but no good for hard cycling for even short races that are 45 mins or so. Let alone longer races.

Track cyclists can benefit from squats but thats a different breed and some of their races are just minutes.

I used to squat and it improved sprinting a bit but also caused a lot of hyper fast twitch fibers that just cramped when you asked then to do much more than an hours ride.

Its a bit like telling a boxer he’ll hit harder if he does heavy bench pressing- in general he won’t.

What I need is more recovery and the slow twitch and aerobic fibers to grow larger - bigger pins that can drive watts for hours at a time.

@PlateSmacker why donate first?

Depends how you program it. Back squats might not actually be the best exercise for you. A thread for your training would open the door for more specific advice.

A boxer will hit harder if he programs overhead press variations appropriately.

I cannot believe there’s any competitive athlete in any sport in the 21st century not using a tailored S&C program to complement their sports performance. That blindspot is literally giving your competitors a free advantage.

Your solution lies in a smarter training plan, not a specific drug regimen.

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@Chris_Colucci you would genuinely be shocked if I bored you with the specifics of my training programme- honestly it is highly smart and specific- based on various coaches approaches and utilises multiple sessions based on power and heart rate. I Also do plenty of strength and conditioning work - mostly core for stability purposes and more hamstring work to keep me from getting too imbalanced… just not squats (like I said, they cause me to cramp on the bike when I include them in my programmes).

Really my main question above was about length of time its ok to run 300 or 500mg.

Appreciate the input and I may* at some.point ask for some training advice on here… however

*most people on here are strength and stage athletes not cardio racing- I take a lot of training advice from some, pretty serious competitive athletes in my sport.

**you guys are the real drugs specialists- many many competitor’s who are at the sharp end of cycling are on drugs, (watch Icarus on netflix), the trouble is we can’t talk to each other about it.

The wealth of drug knowledge on here is amazing Chris- and that’s why I’m asking about that stuff here - I can assure you my training has some serious structure though and I’m trying to get the chemistry side right alongside it.

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Don’t the top guys do weight training though? IIRC, Lance Armstrong did a some work in the weight room. Now he wasn’t a competitive powerlifter, but I think he and the other top guys were doing resistance training especially in the off season?


Like I just said- I also include strength work, not squats for me though. Some cyclists use them although there is a growing school of thought they aren’t that effective for most of us, if you’re training right elsewhere. Im sure they could be of benefit for a lot of guys who don’t do enough short sprint work north of 1000w.

With modern smart turbo trainers you can get a lot of hard fast twitch sprint work done indoors too.

A substantial programme of core strength work helps tremendously. Holding aero positions for long periods is seriously hard on lots more than just the quads glutes and calves. I do over an hour a week of core work, Jack knifes, planks, v sits, pendulums, hanging leg raises etc etc

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@roadie You mentioned hematocrit being at top range already at 50%. So personally I would donate before I start a blast. There are no rules though. I’ve blasted with that level before, when I was younger.
I’m 41 now, older, but still feel young. So I typically donate before a blast, then wait about 2 weeks before starting.
Then run around 600 Test E and 420 Deca for 14-16 weeks. Then TRT and donate after 2 weeks TRT.
No exact schedule, as I wait until Red Cross is in town.

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@PlateSmacker makes sense. Thanks for that.

Yeah its weird as the private labs I use have 50% as top of range- but the NHS have 54%

I’ve had it at 54% before and it was pretty hilarious how much I couldnt get out if breath when climbing with some other lads im normally neck and neck with.

Any idea how much a blast of 300mg for 20 weeks would likely raise it from 51? Dangerous amounts?

Why not do what the pros do? Or did, at any rate. Looked like low doses of test, maybe some stims for endurance, and EPO or EQ

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If I remember from your other threads you convert at a pretty good rate on lower test? I cycle as well and I don.t think raising test will help you with the endurance at higher power you are looking for. If it were me I would go with 250-350 test and 300EQ and watch your Estrogen as the EQ will lower it a bit so you might need to bring up the test a little depending on how you do. EQ would be a good longer duration compound as it’s fairly mild but will do what you are looking to do.


Thanks for this.

175mg puts me above top of range at trough. No idea if that’s good conversion?

I’ve been EQ curious for a while- I’m honestly just scared of adding in something I’ve not used.

Whats the potential sides with EQ? I currently use a bit if a.i. so could drop that whilst I add some in.


Yeah so I guess my trt is low dose test. And EQ has also been mentioned by @s.gentz

I’d be really interested to hear a lot from people who’ve used EQ for endurance sports- guess I’m not going to find anyone who’ll talk about it though!

Not sure what stims are but will do some reading.

I wont touch epo- my hematocrit raises enough just with test that it won’t be of any benefit other than potential for killing me with too thick blood.