Difference Between Wide-Grip Pulldown vs Closer Grip?

So i recently started using a closer grip on my lat pull downs, i grab the bar right at the corner of the bend (slightly wider than shoulder width) instead of grabbing the bar right on the bend…

This helps to overload my lats with a lot more weight than I would normally be able to use as well as targets my lats more in the range of motion. This also takes a lot of pressure off elbows and biceps overall.

Jonnie Candito also trains like this and said it is more effective way than wider gripping, he stated that wider grips do not give you a wider lat spread it will only give you those minuscule details the judges really look for in competitions.

So what are your ideas on this?


I don’t really find any grip better or worse than others but I have noticed I seem to get the best pump when I alternate each set. Johnnie Candito is a powerlifter so in terms of those comments I’m not sure how much he’d know bodybuilding wise.

I prefer neutral grip pull-downs or close grip pull-downs with v shaped bar with close handles for my heavier sets.
And wide grip pull-downs for downs sets higher reps lighter weight.

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yea he is a powerlifter but he is also very knowledgeable as well and i think he bodybuilded before he decided to do powerlifting either way the guy is a beast so cant deny his information.

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You do understand most Powerlifters want a wide thick strong upper back correct? Which is a solid foundation for their Bench press…especially raw lifters whom are looking for a BIG Bench? besides where talking about a freaking Pull down anyway…

Way i look at it if your lats feel they are getting more work in Id say that all that matter myself.

Yeah I came across a bit wrong there. The miniscule details bit though just seemed like some sort of bro science to me.

I find close-ish grip with palms facing a la Dorian Yates give the best stretch and range of motion and also great for posture/countering all the heavy pressing over the years