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Difference Between These Macro Plans?

So I’m trying to follow Thib’s Destroy Fat plan, and I’m suggested to consume the following:

38-44g fat
86-99g carbs
223-250g~ protein
1590-1692 calories total

So far, I’ve put together a meal plan on Fitday.com that will total to:

37g fat
103g carbs
182g protein
1502 calories total

My question is : realistically, what would the difference be between the recommended guidelines and the macro / calories I’ve picked out? I can’t think of a way to tweak the foods to get the recommended protein, and I’ve already added 4 scoops or so of protein powder. So I’d like to avoid using more if I can.

If it helps any, I’ve managed to lose weight on an unplanned diet with many more carbs; just throwing it out there =)

5’8, 174 lbs, 18% rough estimate body fat

Well, if you’ve managed to lose fat with more carbs than that, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

But seriously, getting 200+ grams of protein shouldn’t be that hard. Unless you’re a vegetarian?

Sounds like you just need to make some better food choices. Throw some egg whites in there…some boiled shrimp…some beef…some chicken breast.

I’m usually over in protein. It’s getting enough healthy fats that I find difficult when carb cycling.

182g of protein isn’t too hard to get to. What are you actually eating? Because it seems like you’re only getting 100ish g of protein from whole food.