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Difference Between Test Cyp and Test E?

Hello men,

Is there any difference between test cypinate and test ethanate? (sorry if my spelling is off) I have been struggling on test cypinate and always wondered if test ethanate would be any different. I do daily sub-q in the delt so I guess that is more like daily shallow IM. I use very low doses, 12mg’s per day and I just changed things up so I am in a bad slump right now. Hopefully these symptoms will lift after a while.

Generally I have low t symptoms of anxiety, depression and an overall bad mood. My E2 comes up and I feel good for a few weeks and then I take a super small does of Aromasin and this typically tanks my E2 and I start all over. I cannot find consistency at all, its been over a year. This is super frustrating. I always want to quit. I say all this to see if anyone has similar issues and if they did a switch to ethanate helped or made no difference.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Yes, they have different esters.

Maybe you could leave E2 alone?

This seems kind of obvious. But maybe, ya know, quit taking the stuff that tanks your estrogen and makes you feel bad? Just an idea.

Most here never use an AI anymore and feel better because of it.


The esters are functionally interchangeable. There’s a difference, but it’s generally not noticeable unless you design a protocol specifically meant to make the small difference noticeable.

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Worth mentioning- from what I’ve read (not from personal experience), people have less trouble with welts under the skin using Cyp than E if doing SubQ. Cant speak from personal experience on that though!

Think the carrier oil is slightly thinner so absorbs via the fat a bit easier.

In theory, very small difference. In practise, some people have better (or worse) reactions depending on ester.

SubQ on the delts? Probably the last place I would pick if I were doing SubQ.

Testosterone in your body no matter where will still absorb, but why the delts? Belly fat is the normal go-to.

Honestly, unless someone is pretty plump a delt injection with a 1/2” needle should be shallow IM. Otherwise yeah, that’s a weird place to do subq.

Yeah sounds more like shallow IM to me too, not sure. Not enough info, but subQ delts certainly isn’t the norm so probably isn’t likely here either

Test E gets into the bloodstream faster and Test C takes longer, but they both will remain in your body for the same amount of time.