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Difference Between Sumo and Convential


Just wondering what is your difference between your sumo and convential deadlifts? I was able to get 325 for sumo but 365 convential. I am 5'10 165 btw, I pulled a lot better then I expected for sumo


Have you not pulled sumo very much?

Most people I know pull more sumo than conventional, as obviously the range of motion is greatly reduced with sumo.

Personally, 195kg conventional / 215kg sumo, at 89kg BW and 6 foot. I don't really train the sumo though, and my conventional is quite narrow stance.


That was my second time ever pulling Sumo. Last week I got a triple at 270 pounds


I've never maxed out with sumo, so I don't know. I'm 5'6" with a 28" inseam, though, so I wonder if my super short legs would make it more ideal or less. When I DO pull sumo, the ROM is like.. three inches. Literally. But I've only ever used it for accessory.

I pull 485 conventional.


I've just started to pull semi-sumo for my ME lower lift after doing it for an accessory lift twice and tonight I got 405. My conventional is ~500 (haven't maxed in a while, pulled 485 two months ago and have gotten stronger in all other lower lifts). I think its all based off of leverages. I'm 6'1 with a 34-35" inseam so definitely better leverage for conventional I'm thinking. Although we'll see here in a couple of weeks after implementing them in. I started my first workout with 315 for 5 so we'll see


Whether it's easier or harder for you depends on what your strengths are. I pull mostly sumo because I compete in gear. I'm generally weak off the floor with sumo but the pop from a suit gives me a lot and the shorter ROM allows me to lock out quite a bit. Raw, I pull more conventional because it's easier to break from the floor but I still have a strong lock out.


615 raw conventional

655 sumo in single ply suit
635 sumo in singly ply briefs


What have you pulled equipped conventional(if you have)?


I've only just started Sumo stance myself, not instead of but in addition to conv.

It felt very different, certainly feels like it works different muscles, particularly hips and glutes. Looking forward to seeing if it has any carryover to other lifts.


Never have.


@panzer-I don't think the range of motion is very important in a deadlift comparison. I know in most things it matters, but how many people are pulling close to 1000lbs or more with sumo deadlifts? But that's not really here nor there...

OP- If you're doing some sort of powerlifting you are working your nervous system. If you normally don't pull sumo you may not be practiced in it as much. I think there's a good chance you could pull more with sumo if you practice that and get your system used to the form, without getting bigger just based on your numbers.


There's a great chart (where is it? I'm racking my brains) that helps you determine which style you might be most successful at based on arm, leg, and torso length. Levers do make a difference with this lift. But so do things like the strength of your back, legs, and hip flexors.

My max raw sumo and conventional are 5 lb. apart right now. But I suspect my geared sumo will supercede my geared conventional because gear provides more aid in sumo stance. That chart I'm referring to says my levers are well-suited to both stances, though.


When I first started pulling sumo, my raw conventional DL was around 580 and my raw sumo was around 525. Now my best raw sumo is at 600 and I'd be lucky to get up 540 conventional. But I am so much better built for sumo, my conventional leverages are awful.




Fair point on the 1000lb thing (the biggest sumo I can find is in the high 800s), but what's your reasoning behind ROM not being overly important to the deadlift? Genuinely curious.

According to http://primallifter.com/comparing-sumo-and-conventional-deadlifts/ I have a relatively long torso and average arms (along with short legs) so that may be why sumo is far easier for me.

Having said that, I far prefer conventional pulling. I kind of feel like I am cheating with sumo haha.


I'm 5'5" about 140lbs with long arms and short legs. When I first started pulling sumo it blew my conventional out of the water but now that ive trained both I'm 425 sumo and 405 conventional. I find that pulling sumo raw does a serious number on your hips though. I'm in the process of switching to only pulling conventional to limit the wear and tear on my hips


I've got a new question but still related, where does the difference between semi-sumo and sumo stand (if there is a "line")? I'm thinking feet at the rings constitutes the end of semi-sumo? Of course this all depends on how big you are as well. Someone that is 5'5 compared to someone that is 6'5 will be a good bit different


Ed Coan had a 901lbs (semi) sumo pull. He actually has the highest sumo'ish pull I believe.


I've never pulled sumo but I pull 285kg conventional raw. I sometimes wonder what I would pull if I tried my hand at the sumo stance.


Probably f**king heaps...