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Difference Between Novotropin, Ipamorelin & CJC 1295 for HGH?

Hey guys I’ve been pointed in this direction for some advice.

I’m a 23 year old male been lifting for years now and am interested in the potential for hgh to improve size and strength but also the benefits it has for things like sleep and anti-aging.

I’d like to know what the difference between a cycle on Novotropin or a stack of peptides Ipamorelin and cjc 1295 (mod grf) is? For example is one more conservative in relation to side effects? Is one better for increasing strength and size? Or are they pretty similar? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

So the difference between actual HGH and peptides is this: one is the real thing and one simply causes your body to create more of your own. Peptides are a good alternative for someone looking for a solid bump in IGF without spending a fortune.

I will say that there is no 23 year old on the planet who isn’t competing that needs actual HGH for bodybuilding purposes. At your age you’ve got a ton of room to grow, so breaking out the biggest and most expensive cheat code is probably unnecessary. Additionally, at 23 you have zero need for the anti aging benefits. You already have those. They’re called “the endocrine system of a 23 year old male”.

Your best bet is Ipamorelin. It’s relatively inexpensive, can be taken orally, and if you hate the effects you can simply stop without any issue. I’ve tried mod GRF and it was meh. I didn’t sleep any better, my recovery was the same, and I gained about four pounds of pure water. I suppose if I had stuck with it for months and months I would have gotten the benefits, but 45 days was enough for me to make an assessment.

As far as what you can get out of any of them in regards to size or strength I’d say don’t get your hopes up. I don’t know that you’ll see gains in either directly. The benefits come from enhanced recovery—which all of the above will provide—but you’re not likely to blow up or hit huge new PRs because of it. If you want size and strength then you’d get more from testosterone than from HGH or peptides. GH is added when guys have exhausted pretty much everything else out there. Or if they have more money than brains. Unless you’re at an elite level it would be hard to justify using anything other than Ipamorelin right now.


Thanks for the response, very informative. I’m only in the very early stages of trying enhanced lifting so I’m generally after stuff that is quite safe with a good side effect profile, what would you recommend? And would taking Ipamorelin or test orally even be very beneficial? I’ve read that oral dosing is much less effective than injecting

I’ll second what Iron said, at 23 you’re better off taking something that will assist your natural GH production rather than replacing it entirely. Ipamorelin, CJC, Tesamorelin are all good peptides for that.

But GH is also a long game; it can take up to 12 weeks to really start seeing the differences, and needs to be cycled, of course. You’re not gonna blow up or get super strong after a few weeks of peptides.

You can take MK677 orally, but otherwise you’ll need to inject. Same with testosterone if you go that route.

I think you mean Ibutamoren or mk677. Ipamorelin needs injection iirc. Not sure though.

You are correct. I thought of one thing and typed the other. Good catch.

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