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Difference Between Normal Range of Testosterone

Hi guys I am new here. Greetings!

I am just wondering if there are any difference in terms of muscle building potential between various normal range of testosterone assuming all other variables are the same?

I have heard from a source that as long as your testosterone within the normal range, the difference will be abysmal. Let’s say a person with 400 ng/dl (lower normal range) and he up his testosterone level to 1000 ng/dl (higher normal range), will his muscle building potential be higher?

I did some blood work last month and my testosterone was at 410 ng/dl which is lower in the normal range (and I am 22 years old). I have lifted for years, gotten stronger and bigger. But my progress is very slow compared to many people. I am just wondering if this could be one of the main reason that my progress were so slow despite solid dieting and training.

If you can show me some scientific studies regarding this or have personal experiences to tell. Please do so. Thank you

Do you have any symptoms? Also note muscle building potential has a lot to do with genes, the men in my family have to work hard to get their muscles, but we can build them up just not as fast as the next guy.

410 does seem low for a guy in his 20s but if you don’t have any symptoms is it really worth shutting down your HPTA? There was a guy in here last week who had a testosterone level of 235 and he had no symptoms, he was strong and building muscle in the gym.

Thank you for your reply. I experienced tiredness, joints pain, and muscle weakness a couple months ago. But I suspected it was because of my extremely low vitamin D level, but my Vitamin D level is back to normal now at around 40-50 ng/ml and I am feeling fine.

I know muscle building potential depends on genes which determine muscle shape, bone density, etc, etc,… and even the natural testosterone level in our body that we have. I am just wondering if it makes a big difference being in the lower-mid normal range and upper normal range. Yeah, it is not really worth it. Maybe the test was wrong? I think most doctors would prescribe TRT if the testosterone level is around 200.

Your labs are useless because you got your blood drawn at 3 p.m. when your testosterone levels are typically supposed to be lower, you need to get your blood drawn before 9 a.m. long before your levels start dropping around 12 noon.

If you’re T ends up being low you need a full thyroid lab workup, symptoms of low T and low thyroid function are very similar.

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My thyroid was fine. It was actually the reason that I did some blood work in the first place. Everything was normal except my Vitamin D which I have corrected now as I mentioned before.

Yes I was not aware of that nor that my doctor told me about it. I have just researched that for an average young male testosterone level generally dropped 20-30% (from 8:00 am) at 3:00 pm. That will put my testosterone level at 500-600 ng/dl assuming I fall within average. Thank you.