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Difference Between MAG-10 and Anaconda


Anaconda and MAG-10 are not described very well in their descriptions. The description for both is for the entire Anaconda protocol.

What exactly does each one do for me? What are the specific benefits of each one?


Anaconda actually contains MAG-10.

MAG-10 is essentially just a very fast digesting protein that is ideal for consumption during workouts and also for muscle maintenance during fasting.

Anaconda is MAG-10, plus a variety of creatine and some beta-alanine. It might have something else too, but I'm forgetting now. Anaconda is more specific to workout nutrition, and is meant to be consumed through workouts.

Both are components of Biotest's periworkout nutrition protocols, which include at least MAG-10 and Anaconda, and also carb sources in the form of FINiBARs and Surge Workout Fuel.

Hope that helps. I'm just speaking generally here- if you want a full list of ingredients then just click on "label" on each product's page within the store.


can you guys click on the label button? because when i do nothing happens. It's clickable but nothing happens. This is gay too because i would legitimately like to decide which product i would like to buy.


You browser may be blocking the pop-up labels. Let's see if I can attach them here. This one is for MAG-10.


oh okay, nice. I'll check my pop up blocker thanks dude.


And Anaconda.


Anaconda might give you the shits while MAG-10 shouldn't.


I believe certain higher levels of the Beta Alanine in the Anaconda caused a few instances of stomach distress to people especially sensitive to it. Hence using extra MAG-10 with a scoop or two of Anaconda in order to get more of the Casein Hydrolysate without too much BA.



I don't read anything in the description regarding fasting with MAG-10. Why not just use the BCAA/Leucine supp for fasting since it's cheaper?


Read up on Pulse Fast and Pulse Feast.


What always gets me about the MAG-10 label is where the extra fifteen calories come from.

Splain dis.


Apparently it's due to some weird FDA rules regarding calorie calculations or something.


Yeah, it's basically I.F., what I'm already doing. I'm gonna give it a whirl though- both MAG-10 and Anaconda. Mostly because it's less carbs than the BCAA supp I'm currently taking (which is also expensive as fuck) and I'm trying to keep under 50g/carbs currently. Fucking expensive man. Is there anyone here to talk me out of this? Tell me it's not worth the price? I'm listening...