Difference Between Incline or Decline and Flat Triceps French Press?

What is the difference in muscle work of the triceps area ,and which range of the bench is best?

I think your grip width is going to be a big factor. I don’t ever really do decline but between flat and incline with the same grip width I don’t think I feel much of a difference.

I noticed when I am working decline I feel my triceps more

As long as you get a good stretch -not much. Do them sparingly as can really piss off elbows and joints over the long term

There’s no “best”, especially for a relatively small exercise/muscle group like this. Any one is a fine choice for most people, not a giant difference.

Some EMG tests showed the decline does engage more overall triceps because the angle keeps it under constant tension. But the incline or any tri exercise that has the elbow closer to the head than the feet, will particularly hit the long head of the triceps harder because of how it works with the shoulder.

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