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Difference Between HCG IM/SubQ?

Just curious if there are any scientifically differences or absorbing differences between injecting HCH IM or SUBQ?

Personally I was doing IM my whole 8 months on TRT but just switched a day ago and done in belly fat and noticed a massive hit or libido spike from it the next day which I’ve never experienced while injecting IM.

Yes, there is small difference. Though my unprofessional, non-medical opinion is that it’s not significant enough to warrant the holes in your muscles. A study done on Japanese women comparing the two routes of administration found serum concentrations 20% higher 24 hrs post-injection, when injecting IM, compared to subQ. That gap closes by the 72-hr mark. Does that slightly higher spike and AUC elicit a greater hormone output from the testicles? Maybe. But I doubt it’s worth the hole in your muscle.

Personally, I never tried HCG IM and always took it subQ. And I always felt my strongest libido the day after my 500 IU injection.

Interesting, think I may stick with SUBQ for a while then.