Difference Between Groin Pull, Ab Strain/Tear, and Sports Hernia?

I was doing rack deads below the knees and on my ME set, I had a funny feeling in my lower ab/front pelvic region. It was a really dull pain that was hard to figure out where it was at that time. The pain went away in less then a minute after the set so I continued with the rest of my workout which was bb lunges, ab rollouts, and back extensions none of which aggravated it. Hell I’d forgotten about it mid-workout. But a few hours later, if I applied pressure to the area, it would feel a little tender and sore.

This was a couple days ago. Now I kinda feel a very slight discomfort (not pain) in my lower ab and where my lower ab meets my leg. It feels a little better now, but if it doesn’t get all the way better soon I’m seeing a doctor. Foam rolling my upper adductors and hip flexors make any discomfort go away and so do groin, ab, and adductor stretches. I guess I should go ahead and ice the area too. The discomfort goes away after I take my dog for walks too. I tried doing some adductor exercises with my mini-bands and I could do 20 without any trouble and I can do regular and rotational sit-ups without problems too without positive or negative feeling the area. There just aren’t any motions that make it any more sore then when I’m at rest. I can hop, run, skip, take 2 or more steps going up or down stairs no problem. I don’t know about lifting though.

What does this sound like?

Doctors are expensive and sometimes don’t know what they’re dealing with so should I wait and see if it gets better on its own or should I go ahead and see one?

Will doing ME bench press hurt it today?

Sounds like a slight groin pull to me. I would rest it and work on mobility exercises. Be careful with all lifting because anything that involves straining will cause muscles in the pelvis to work (this includes benching). Just rest and mobility now.

If it doesn’t get better after a few weeks, head to a sports doctor.

Good luck!

Some buddies who use to play football and mma told me the same thing. I hope that’s right. Certainly sounds a hell of lot better than a sports hernia with the surgery and all. I’ve been continuing the stretching and foam rolling and it just feels better every time and never feels quite as bad as before afterwards.

Sports Hernia surgery is overly used. Even if it was something like that, there are lots of people (including authors on this site) who would advise against it in favor of manual therapy.