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Difference Between Gears?

Hey there…

Now i know this isnt the place to discuss branches, but i got a question anyways.

So I’m actually interested if there is an noticable difference in products for example if i take test P 100mg from two branches… Is the effect the same or can it be stronger by a good brand, i’m getting it from a trusted source so everything is pharma grade and tested brands. Only the price differs from 20€ to 50€ on the same product only diffrent brand.

If anyone can tell me if I’m buying only the brand or is there actually a quality difference.

Again sorry for mentioning a brand!

Thanks in advance!


These are not pharma grade. They are still UGL. Also, probably best to drop the brand names from the discussion on this forum.

If the two brands are dosed the same, you shouldn’t notice much difference between the two. The carrier oils and solvents might be different. I like to stay clear of cheap or synthetic carrier oils, like MCT, because there is a higher chance of PIP.

As far as price goes. A lot of that is marketing. Brands that have been around longer with repeated 3rd party testing and with guys to vouch for them will cost more.

The raw materials all come from the same handful of factories. They’re all the same. The difference is in how it’s made and if the dosing is accurate. If you compare two major posh UGLs you’ll see they usually test about the same. In those cases the difference is close to zero.

Ok guys, thank you for sharing.

Take care

I will write here so i don’t open another topic.

So my question is about how you would dose this cycle:

Tren Ace

I’m 29 now
175cm height

I’m not new to gear… But i never done tren before so if someone can suggest the “ideal” dosage for the cycle.

Many thanks!