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Difference between Ephedrine and Pseudophed

I have a prescription strength Pseudophed that I have been taking for awhile. What is the difference between it and the Ephedrine producys that are being sold for weightloss? The prescription I am on is for 120mg if it matters.


I’m curious as to where you live in order to have a prescription for pseudo? If you live in the U.S. every drug store, grocery store and gas station has Sudafed. and the 12 hour formula has 120 mg.

It is not uncommon for people to be prescribed Pseudophed. I have always suffered with allergies and my Dr prescribed it for that reason. I take 2 120mg pills a day. If you add that up it is quite a lot of pills to have to pay for out of pocket vs the 10$ copay that my insurance has.

I did a little research and the two drugs are almost one and the same. I just wanted to make sure sso that I don’t do anything stupid and take stacker or anything along those lines while taking this prescription.


Everytime a fat burner changes from ephedrine to pseaudo the product sucks.

I just tell people to go buy it over the counter. It’s generally cheaper that way.

Neato, not sure where you’re getting your info, but they’re not really very similar at all. Without getting into it, I think this discussion was held a long time ago on this forum. Do a search a see if you can find it.