Difference Between Dead Squat Carry and Farmers Walk?

Hey, im starting this program next week. And I was just wondering, whats the difference between a dead squat carry and a farmers walk? I see that in this program the last exercise on fridays is a super set between the FW and DSC, and in my mind that would be a super set of the same excercise… What would be the difference and is it that big of a deal? My gym doesnt have proper farmers walk handles anyway, so i would have to use dumbells or kettlebells instead anyway.


I think farmers carry is one sided, dead squat is with the dead squat or trap bar.

Farmer’s walk is having independent weights in each hand like dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells etc. Trap-bar or dead squat carry are basically holding one bar that you load.

Ok, so single arm loading vs double arm loading is the principle of this super set then. Thanks for clearing that up!

Not exactly… farmer’s walk use one weight in each hand, it’s not only one arm at a time. Normally it uses a special handle called a farmer’s walk implement (look it up). You can use dumbbells but it doesn’t have the same benefits.

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