Difference Between Anabol and Dboll

Hi everyone hope you all doing good.I was looking through one of my friends Steriod Price list and i came across the name Anabol not super anadrol no spelling mistake .So i waswondering whats the difference between Anabol and dboll cause i tried google but does’t tell me anything it corrects me to Anadrol.

So please some one tell me cuz i thought Anabol is the samething with dboll but the blue dboll so any one who can help plz do so before i make my chioce .THANKS IN ADVANCE GUYS ENJOY YOUR DAY

is it not just the name the lab uses for anadrol? Sometimes labs give their products funky names.

I’ve also seen tabs which are half anadrol and half dianabol. Is there any chance it could be that?

IIRC that’s dbol from a Thai company.

anabol is dbol