Difference Between 3x5 or 5x5 Squats

I mean, it’s better than a used one.


Thanks for the advice guys.

Just throwing in my two cents. Overall, ICF 5x5 is a trash program based on a subpar program (StrongLifts). If this style of programming entices you, Starting Strength is the best of these although I find that Starting Strength has some faults also. I currently don’t have a recommendation for beginners, but I am kicking around an idea based on a variety of sources Ive read through the years.

As far as 3x5 vs 5x5, I think asking anyone to add 5lbs/2.5kg to their squat 3 times a week using 5 sets of 5 reps is ridiculous. That’s not the same for the bench press, however, and most lifters could probably handle more than 1 set of 5 reps for the deadlift.

If doing less work was the way to make progress, we’d all be walking around like Arnold.

Pick a program that gets you excited to train and do it as written. Ideally it wouldn’t be such a bad one (who’s looking at the guy who wrote this and saying to themselves "this guy gets it?). Remember that your cutting progress is going to be down to the food choices you make, not the exact program you follow.

If you’re a beginner, you got no business cutting weight, even if you’re overweight

That’s what I thought…should I just try to eat at maintenance and just lift some heavy ass weights

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Focus on eating healthy. At least 3 solid meals a day consisting of protein, carb and veg or fruit. Add in protein shakes or extra meals if necessary. I’ve been doing that for months now and I’ve dropped a ton of fat. I should add I still weigh my food bc I’m not a big eater anyway to make sure I eat enough, but it’s really that simple, just get a healthy diet going. Doesn’t have to be super strict but cut out as much junk as you can. For example I used to drink a ton of soda a day. Now I drink 1 after a workout and that’s it. That way I still get what I like and don’t feel so deprived. I have recently switched to diet though to cut out sugar.

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Thanks for the reply bcrowe2012.

Yeah I weighed food today and what I have been normally eating since I started lifting 5 weeks ago and was 1800 cal…Way too low…that’s probably why I have been stalling on my lifts…
I’ll start tracking myself foods from here on out…
Only sugar I like is in my coffee…trying to whine that out with waldon farms mocha. Which is zero everything…
I am 6’1 238…what should be eating calorie wise…

There are online calculators that can help you figure that out. A lot of it depends on your training regimen, how active you are, such as work, etc. I’m 5’10" weigh 255 with body fat of 26% and I eat around 3000 calories a day. I also lift stuff for 8 hrs a night at work. It’s worked well for me though. Main thing is to plug the numbers into a calculator, get the numbers and try them out. See how you feel and how your body responds. If your not eating enough your body will tell you. When I first started 531, I didn’t eat enough and my recovery was horrible. I ached, weights didn’t go up etc. That’s when I weighed my food and found out I wasn’t hitting enough calories. Started eating around 4000 a day. That was too much for me and dropper down to around 3200 that I’m currently at and seeing great results.

The one I used with the numbers you gave me and I put exercise 4x a week and I didn’t know your age so I used mine, 34. Maintenance says 3000 rounded up. After plugging in different ages, it doesn’t move much. You can try a different calculator or try eating 3000 a day and go from there. Adjust up or down as needed by 2-300 calories is how I did it. That may be incorrect, but it’s how I approached it. I should note, I eat plenty of carbs as well. Carbs seem to help me recover quicker. Hope all this helps.

Ok I’ll look around…I downloaded my fitness pal and ill use that…
I lift 3 times a week and walk on treadmill at high incline on rest days while watching Netflix for around 1 hr…
My work is a lot of hiking in the Bush packing heavy gear…

I’m 35

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Just read this article. I think you would like it.

“nut bag snacked on throughout the day.”



Some good info there…i diffently don’t eat fast food…I’m gonna start calories at 2900…go from there

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