Difference Between 3x5 or 5x5 Squats

Hey everyone…first time here…
I’ve been lifting on and off for a few mths now…
I started the icf 5x5 program 4 weeks ago and it’s been going pretty good…
I added side laterals to workout A and chest flys to workout B…
First question is would it matter much if just did 3x5 for just the squats but kept everything eles 5x5…just asking cause I feel my legs are big enough due to my job and the 5x5 is killing me…

Those weights in kilos or pounds are they one rep maxes or 5RMs?

Lbs…no not even close…ive benched 205 for 2…sqaut 265 for 1…I’m just starting really low to make sure my form is correct and I want to run the program for awhile and I add 5 lbs every workout

When you say sore do you mean muscle soreness or say joint pain?

Honestly a little of both…it’s more annoying then painful…i can still work threw it…I’m probably just out of shape…I have a bit of a belly and have had back pain prior to working out…so im just hoping things will get better as I get stronger.

How old are you and do you have any previous injuries in those areas

I’m 35…and no injuries…just lower back pain from what I would imagine being from overweight and outta shape.


Not sure why you bumped a thread after editing half of it out. Especially since part of what you removed was already replied to.

What, exactly, do you want answered?

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. Wanted to know if by doing 3x5 squats and 5x5 on everything eles would matter…also if this program is of any worth doing?..

I’ve deleted like 8 responses…

It’s 10 reps… If you think 3x5 works better for you then go for it.

You will build less muscle. If doing 5x5 squats with 135 pounds is “killing you”, your nutrition and/or recovery need serious, immediate improvement. Reducing the training isn’t the solution. Especially if you can squat 265, there’s absolutely no reason to only be using 135. That’s so light, you’re not getting any significant training effect.

It’s worth doing unaltered, as in without changing or adding things.

I am cutting…I don’t wanna up my calories that much more…when I squat 265 I was almost 1000 calorie surplus

Then your training is wrong. Not coordinating the training and nutrition is what keeps a lot of guys in a spiral of non-progress. Eating for fat loss while doing a strength-focused program is as pointless as eating for size while doing a ton of cardio.

If you want to cut, a 5x5 (or 3x5) plan is inefficient as best, counterproductive and high injury-risk at worst. This article discusses more of the types of training better suited to the job. If you want to build size and strength with 5x5, eat to fuel the training and support recovery.

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Ok so a full body work out is not good for cutting?
What would work best?

Where did you get that from?

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Yeah wait, what? Full body training can be awesome for fat loss. I said 5x5 and strength-focused programs aren’t appropriate for fat loss. Those terms aren’t interchangeable.

This is one example of how to program full body workouts for fat loss.

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I appreciate the link. I’ll give it a good read…but it may be a bit too advanced for me…I diffently feel that I’m still in beginners phase of lifting…
I’ll search around the forums a bit more and look for a beginner cutting program…

I also work out at home after work. All equipment I have is.
Squat rack
7’ Olympic bar with 335 lbs of plates
Ez curl Olympic bar
Dumbbells up to 50lbs
Adjustable bench
Cable pulldown pully with rope for tricep pulldown.

This would be like finding a new commercially available penis enlargement device. You probably don’t want to use it.

Get all these “beginner programs” nonsense out of your head. The ones promoting them are mostly beginners. That should raise all sorts of red flags.


Just throw out that program and do something else. It’s rubbish, written by a guy whose closest claim to success in anything health/fitness/performance related is a second rate YouTube channel that exists entirely on him calling people out on steroid usage.