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Difference Between 1RM and Reps

so im doing mass template from tactical barbell and week 3 I have the option to peak and test 1rm.
Today was floor press peak day and I did 90kg x 1 with good form. The weird thing is that I struggled doing 70kg x 3 reps. And even 50kg for 4 sets of 8 reps I get some deep burn and its hard.
Is it possible to suck so much at reps but being good at 1 rep maxs?? Tips to improve?

The issue could be any number of things…

Like what?? Any ideas on how to resolve it? :smiley:

It’s unusual to suck that much at reps, but it can happen. Supposedly people with a larger proportion of fast twitch muscle fibres can’t do as many reps at the same % as “average” people, and there are some nervous system issues related to it.

What are you actually trying to accomplish? Peaking and testing your 1rm seems like the complete opposite of what you should be doing to build mass. To get good at something you have to do it, if you want to get good at reps then do more reps, there isn’t really anything else to it.

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Where is the “Deep Burn” you get with high reps?

You could have mutant muscle fibers.

Or maybe maybe you have a lagging muscle or strange build that makes floor press especially rough.

Do you have a hard time with reps on every lift?

Im trying to get mass gains for sure but strength is also important. The program its 4 x 8 on week 1, 4 x 6 week 2 and 4 x 3 week 3 with a different lift peaking on each day of week 3. Its from mass protocol - tactical barbell.
I have problems with reps for all lifts (for example i can probably do 8 pull ups with bodyweight but can do one rep with 15kg ).
With this program I can definitely work on reps since week 1 is 4 x 8 but just wondering why there is such a big gap

I don’t know, I think this tracks. It’s been a while since I went for max reps on pull-ups but the last time I did I did 22 reps and my 1RM chin-up at the time was 40 kilos.

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What’s your experience level?


Tips to improve?

Do more higher rep stuff


You don’t need to test your 1rm to get stronger. This doesn’t sound like a very good program.

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Everyone’s rep capacity is different, different between lifts and different at certain times during a training cycle like in a good program that builds you up to a 1RM you’ll be ready to max big but the qualities that maximise rep performance is down in order to focus on maxing out.

If you have a long range of motion on your movements, have inefficient technique, out of practice with either rep or max work and a whole bunch of other factors you’ll burn out faster on rep work. It’s not necessarily a bad thing just something to keep in mind.

For myself I’m good with deadlift reps especially at lower percentages but doesn’t matter because I’m keeping track of my rep PRs at certain weights and tracking progress by beating these.

X2. Barring other weird explanations, you probably don’t do enough rep stuff. Do more.

I’m a low rep guy, my form tends to fail around 5-6 reps on most movements but if i keep the reps low at say 3, i can do a lot more sets with less breakdown.

Are you trying to get stronger or better at lifting?

It’s normal and varies from person to person. It’s both genetic and how you train. It’s mostly a matter of “fiber type”, with high-reppers having more red, slow-twitch fibers, while heavy lifters having more white, fast-twitch fibers.