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Diff between Tricep bar and EZ curl bar?


Newbie question sorry - I have just started training at home again after I got bored with my gym after 2 years.

I have been buying a few basic things to get it up to a decent standardand was wondering about tricep bars. The ones I am talking about are oval shaped with two handles in the middle.

My “home-gym” already has a few barbells, dumbells and an EZ curl bar so should I just buy some more weight or spring for one of these?

If you’re a newbie, then WEIGHT IS YOUR PRIMARY NEED.

Most people progress in the opposite direction that you have gone- they start training at home with their 60lb db/bb set, (often to get themselves to a level where they feel “confident” enough to hit the gym proper), then run out of weight and go find the real stuff at the local gym.

If you’re serious about home training, then you’ve got to take it seriously. It will NOT be cheaper in the short term, and unless you live miles away from the gym, or work funny hours, will not be more convenient in regard to choice/availability of exercises. There’s also the aspect of proper form (or lack of it), lack of spotters if needed etc. (However you need to find the right gym to get these last 2 sorted)

So, take all this into account before starting out acquiring home equipment. If you’re still set on it, and are training functionally, then you’ll soon find that the need for more weight will be your most likely limitation to progress.

IMO unless money isn’t an object (and I think the way you’re asking the question, it is), then forget the “specialist isolation” equipment such as the bar you describe, that you might use say once a week, and build up your weight stack.

Hope this helps. SRS

You can set your wrists in a neutral postition like that with DB’s, either for tricep extensions or hammer curls. I wouldn’t waste my money.

Like the others said, it’s not necessary. I trained at home for over a year before I started going to the gym and even though it was always challenging, I loved it. You can get an excellent workout with what you have already. A good incline/decline bench, a straight bar, an e-z curl bar, dumbells and a few hundred pounds of weight and you’re all set. Things like the bar you mentioned are great for a few tricep and hammer movements, but you can improvise with what you already have. Now get at it and don’t apologize for the question. We all start somewhere and we’re all still learning.

i dont think i have ever seen them being used, by any serious lifter. it doesnt mean they are bad, but they are far from nessecary.
You could get inventive with it tho, using for t-bar rows with a barbell wedged into the corner of a room, really close grip benching, stuff like that


Thanks for the responses… I am only having a 2-3months off the gym and getting back into it.

Curently I have enough weight,more than I can lift but I think you guys are right spend the $60 and get another set of 20kg’s.

I thought about the dumbdell thing about 1/2 after I posted…doh!