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DiezelWeazel is Doing a Good Job!

[quote]ChaseT wrote:
Synthetickiller wrote:
elano wrote:
He deadlifts 500 and squats 415, how come he isnt freaking jacked right now? I thought those were BIG guy numbers.

Um, what? This is on the level of trolling. Quit it. These are not “BIG” guy numbers to say the least. I am not putting him down, but this is not what a “big” guy at 180 lbs can do if you catch my drift. He has a way to go, but he’s on the right track.

If he doing Sheiko, he won’t be jacked since it’s not a body building routine in any way, shape or forum, unless he has severely modified it.

Bench doesn’t count for a guy being jacked, just lower body lifts? I don’t understand your logic.

He’s doing a lot better than before, that doesn’t even need to be stated at this point.

For anyone that asked or wants to know, Sheiko doesn’t have a 'max evaluation." He’s just determining what he should base his work sets on… 80% of his max, etc.

That’s not true. Most Sheiko competition/peaking cycles have a test/evaluation day built in three weeks prior to the planned competition.[/quote]

Very true. I always forget about the 5th week. I never do anything but a 4 week cycle.

Thanks for clearing that up.