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I got a question out there for all of you diet experts. Why is it that when I cut with a keto diet I come to a standstill or even gain some weight. I take in around 1800 cal. a day on this. When I eat carbs I gain tremendous amounts of fat. I am using Androsol while trying to lose. I have done the fat fast before it came out on this paper and lost 200 lbs in one year on it but with it I lost evrything else too. I am over 40. I work out 4-5 days a week busting my hump. I tried GBC but it was a waste of energy for some reason. I gain easy so I guess I am what you would call a hard loser? Any ideas or suggestions I am open to everything. Thanks, B.

Sounds like a hormone problem. You should go to a doctor and get some blood sent to the lab. If it isn’t you may be eating too many calories or carbs when coming off. Start by adding carbs in after a workout at first then later in the day. Take some ALA with your carbs also.

I feel your pain. I too have had horrible results with low carb diets. I am also an easy gainer and a ard loser. For six months I stayed on a cyclical low carb diet except I at 1.5 g of protein perlbm and two tbs udo’s ect I lost weight at first but then came to a screeching halt only to start putting weight back on! My workouts suffered and my sex drive, and overall sense of wellbeing. I recently went back to a Zone diet and feel 100 times better except I eat as carbs only cream of rye, steel cut oatmeal, yams, and some fruits, I dropped my protein to 1 g per lb of lbm and upped my fats to 35% I feel much much better and am starting to drop fat again. I will never do the low carb thing again!

Typically, ketogenic diets have a tendency to make your thyroid slow down incredibly when you’ve been doing them for an extended period of time, hence the cycle of quick fat/water loss, slowed loss, almost no fat loss after a few weeks/months, then you start eating carbs again and rebound. The whole thyroid thing is a tricky catch-22; you need to eat some carbs to keep it optimized, yet for some people, eating carbs makes it nearly impossible to lose weight. My suggestion to ALL who will do a keto diet for more than 2-3 weeks is to take a supplement like Prolab’s Metabolic Thyrolean while on it, else go for broke and use T-3 as the diet loses effectiveness and after you go back to eating carbs, taper off for a week or two with low-moderate dose T-4, since it only converts to T-3 as necessary. I’ve found this to make the diet more effective and to avoid much of the rebound pitfall. Give it a shot next time you try doing a lengthy ketogenic diet and see if it doesn’t add a bit of kick to your results!

Good suggestion Flaxoil! I had the same thoughts for a dieting program but never could get around to getting the T3 and T4. Seems worth a try. People should also realize that there are some people who just can’t do well on a keto diet. I haven’t met many though. Carbs don’t seem to go well with me so I usually end up increasing fat and protein to put on lean mass first. Otherwise I’ll get fat. I still think that lowering carbs should be the first priority in dieting. You don’t neccessarily need to be in ketosis but remember that any diet below 100g of carbs is technically ketogenic.