diets/training for women

My girlfriend wants to lose about 10 pounds, develop some muscle, and especially firm up her belly. I’ve heard that women respond to diets differently than men. Should she consume a lower-fat, moderate-carb type of diet? She’s pretty determined to do this, but wants to do it right. I can’t seem to find any articles regarding diet and training exclusively for women. Any help?

I have never ever felt that it was a gender specific diet method. What would help to know about your girlfriend is how active is she - or if she is physically active at all? What does she do currently and what has she done before? One thing to remember, is the “first on, last off” when it comes to fat loss. The fat on first will be the fat to lose last. Does she eat late at night, and if so, is that period of the day where she is least active? There’s ALOT of information that is needed before any type of advise can be given here. If she’s never weight trained before (and I do recommend to begin if that’s the case) then some type of light program to introduce her to weight training needs to be done. Does she do alot of cardio right now? This would need to be taken into consideration. Also, her diet now - what does she tend to eat. I would suggest for her to begin a “food journal” before she makes any changes to see what her primary diet consists of now. Then make the modifications. If she’s a beginner to training, I couldn’t suggest such things like “Meltdown Training” - so more info, please would be appreciated!

There is no difference between effective training and diet for men and women, so feel free to present her the information on this site.