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Diets That Take All Day to Cook.

This is my first post, sorry for the lack of introduction. I am a beginner bodybuilder and have been boxing for the guts of 5 years (Phazing that out due to age, and not wanting to get hit in the head any more.)

My trainer has put me on a diet to go along with my bodybuilding plan. That all well and good, I have no problems with that, however the recipes are crazy. Each of them takes 30 minutes for me to cook.

Can anybody recommend a diet plan that has recipes that normal joe averages can cook? Like for example in this diet, I have to make shish-kebabs and baked halibut and the likes… I work a full time job for god sakes, how the hell is baked halibut going to taste out of a lunch box after sitting in it for 4 hours. It would be awesome to find a diet that was developed for working men. Something that includes the old reliable sandwhich, and snacks that aren’t shish-kebabs… laughs

A little frustrated here, any advice would be appreciated.

Many of us cook in large proportions each time so that we aren’t cooking between every meal. My meals are usually made the night before for the following day, especially when dieting. When gaining, I am much less strict. I just got done cooking over a pound of lean ground turkey meat that may last me two days at the most (it would last me one meal if I was gaining).

When I am focusing on chicken breasts for many of my meals, I will several at a time on the grill. There is no reason you should even need to cook every single day if you plan ahead. Chicken breasts can be kept in the fridge for days at a time meaning you could for most of the week on a Sunday and possibly not have to cook again until Wednesday or Thursday. Learn to plan better or find different food choices.

exactly A little forethought goes a LONG way.

Also every meal doesnt and really cant be gourmet. Just down a fed hard boiled eggs some meat and veggies there you go. Or a Grow! or two a day along with nuts fruit etc.

Takes a little getting used to but once you do it takes no time at all.

Thanks a lot both of you for your advice. I spent the night cooking for tommorrows meals, hopefully I can make a good go of this.