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Diets and Coffee

I’ve been following the T-Dawg diet for three weeks now and haven’t lost a pound. The calorie intake is fine as is the low number of carbs. The only things that I can think of that might be hindering any weight loss is the fact that I drink several cups of black coffee each day. Is that reasonable? My other thought is that I work graveyard shift and that that might have some strange effect on my metabolism. Is that possible? Thanks.

spln: CALORIES, my friend! (What do you mean that cals are “fine”?)

The T-Dawg is an easy one in which to ingest too many calories if you don’t watch it. So…get the 'ole calculator and scales out if you have too!

Also…the caffiene in coffee will facilitate weight loss. Just make sure you aren’t adding a lot of creme and sugar!

Good luck!

Mufasa, Thanks. What I meant by calories are fine is that I am keeping about 500 below that which will maintain my weight. Approx 2950 per day.

monkey: Those must represent calculated calories for “maintenance”. (Since you are not losing weight). Remember that any calculation for caloric needs has to then be extrapolated to the “real world” (i.e. how your own body responds to those caloric calculations).

IF after you’ve gone over your actual intake with a fine tooth comb, AND you are in fact injesting the calories you think you are, you may have to reduce your calories even more.

Hope this helps!