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I just finished a 6 week bulking program and am now ready to shed the fat that I gained while on it. There are so many different diet choices that I am not sure which to use, I was thinking maybe about doing the modified ketogenic diet (5 days low carb, one day carb loading), does anyone have any experience with this or other diets. I really want to minimize loss of lean muscle tissue.

There are lots of good ones, and I think many would be good (yes, there is more than one way to diet). You can try Massive Eating (for weight loss), Fred Hatfield’s “zig-zag” plan, or T-Dawg. I have found the last two to be effective, but have not tried Massive Eating. Read up on them and choose one.

I use a ketogenic diet 5 days a week with a 2 day carb up. In the last 2 weeks my bf% has dropped 2% and my total weight is the same.