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I’ve been lifting for about 8-9 months, and been reading these boards enough…

Anyways, i decided to post, i’ve been thinking about dieting alot, and could not find any “noob dieting ect”,would like some info on it/about it/ ect… like i read in the other posts on carbs, protein, whatever, and i have nfi how you guys even count that…

I just eat alot is one thing i learned from here, peanut butter, cereals, always been eating greens/meats/ect, just want to go more in dept now… any info is good info to me!


Try this:

Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid


and this to get started:

The Essential Berardi


And you count macronutrients by reading the label and serving sizes.

I’ll list a few more articles worth reading:

Massive Eating Reloaded I, II by John Berardi.

Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle by JB.

You might want to read about the T-Dawg diet.


First things first…

What are your goals? Then you narrow your reading to one specific area…i.e. weight loss.

Cool thanks for all the info…

I also forgot to mention im lactose intolerant =(, but i think i can work around that, plus theres pills that add lactose or whatever so i dont get soar stomachs …

I just want to get huge atm, and strong.