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I am cutting right now and have been for the last six weeks. During that time I was eating roughly 2200-2300 cals a day T-dawg style and training first with GVT 2000 and then Meltdown. After about the fourth week, with each subsequent week my strength went down. I stopped and took an off week after the 6th week. I have never had a problem with overtraining before and I don;t want it to happen again. Before I was eating 30 g carbs on off days and 70 g carbs on training days. I am planning to switch this up a little so that I won;t overtrain. My plan is to eat 2000 calories with 30 g carbs on off days, and 2500 calories with 100 g carbs on training days. I always have a post workout shake but the past six weeks i have been waiting about 1.5 to 2 hours after training to eat my next meal. This time I am planning on eating a P+Complex carb meal about half an hour after traing. It will consist of 1 cup oatmeal, 250 g cottage cheese, and i scoop protein. My questions after this long winded post is will this post workout meal have negative effects on my dieting and will it be usefull to stave off over training. Oh yah, I am doing a 5X5 program right now. Thanks guys,
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Keep in mind that I’m no expert on dieting, I don’t think I’ll ever get below 14%. But, since your body is in its prime healing mode post-workout, I don’t think those extra carbs will be too bad. There will still be the focus on storing glycogen within 2 hrs of working out. Since you’re in a starvation mode, your liver should be able to pick up the extra.

You won’t be losing fat during this time, because of insulin. As well (if you work out in the evening), you probably won’t reach ketosis at night - which in my opinion is a good thing.

I’d recommend eating a quick P+F meal 3 hrs after the oatmeal to switch your metabolism back to fat-burning.

I dont think that skipping the PWO shake is a good idea, it may be a little more beneficial for people with 20+% bf, but U may endup loosing too much muscles, unless U R using some sort of andro product (mag-10, androsol). I would say still take 40-50 g high GI carbs after workout with whey protein, with such low carb consumption for the day, it will not take your body long to be back in ketosis state. If the results have gotten slower, add 2-3 sessions of HIIT and U be fine.

Thanks for the response El MAc. Didn;t think anyone was gonna respond to this one. You made some good suggestions. When you said “you won;t lose fat during this time” did you mean specifically after working out or in general for the diet. If you did mean i general for the whole diet could you give me some other suggestions for aiding in recovery, where I still would lose fat.
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I assumed that you’d be having a shake and a meal … either way, that’s not really going to hurt. What I meant about not losing weight was that during the 4 hours or so where the insulin was up, you wouldn’t be losing fat. On the other hand, the other 20 hours you will be.