Dieting/workingout advice needed

I need some dieting advice. I’m 5’8 160-165 lbs. I am trying to reach 190-200. Of course not through fat. My diet of now consist of steak and vegies for dinner. But the rest of my meals are all junk food. Plus I do smoke and drink on a regular basis. What are the drastic steps needed to be taken to help reach my goal?


Well first you might want to stop smoking. That should help you out allot. If you think about it you need to have your lungs in good condition, smoking just make them work harder and it will slow you down in progress. Also its just a terrible habit. Im like you, I still drink but now in moderation. That’s the key. Trying drinking once or twice a week tops. And when you do drink, don’t drink to get wasted that’s also going to hinder you.

What do you eat for junk food and how much? First thing go keep a log of what you eat. Do it for one week including the weekend and see what your number come up. I use , its a free program and it helps me track my nutrition needs. Some people are anal and need to know every exact gram of this or that. But I use it as a ruff estimate give or take 5-10%. Considering you are like me and are trying to gain weight for the winter. IT doesn’t really matter how accurate you record the info as long as you eat and eat the right stuff.

About the junk food. Throw away any fried food, chips, French fries and anything else that tastes really good. Since your gaining weight its ok to have them once in a while but don’t make a habit of it. If you drink soda, stop, go for water instead. Lots and Lots of water till you become the ocean.

That’s the basics I could think of. What you can do is go to and look up articles by Rosemary Vernon. She has a 14 step dieting/ changing eating habit program. Its not really a program but more explains what are good to eat and give you receipts of healthy foods. A great first read to learn the basic of nutrition. Also how can I not forget about T-mag. Search for the Get Big diet. I think that’s what it was called. That was my first diet I ever did when I didn’t know crap. It helped me out alot and setting up goals for my self and to calculate what how much I should consume. I jumped from 160 lbs to 200 lbs with that program with slightly raising my body fat percentage (from 11 to 14%).

Best of Luck as always and drop the smoking. Its a hard thing to do but that has to go first before anything else can really happen.

The wheel is turning but the hamster is gone!

It might be wise to stop eating what you call “junk.”

Keep up the smoking and drinking. Try to increase both if possible. Then dump the steak and veggies dinner. Replace with more fast food. Try to drink at least a gallon of Pespi a day. Focus on fried foods. Think doughnuts and french fries. Mix as much saturated fat with as much sugar as possible. If you can figure out a way to deep fry cotton candy, do it. Skip breakfast. Binge close to bedtime. Whatever you do, don’t lift weights or do any type of cardio. The couch is your friend. Don’t read T-mag. Watch lots of TV. Fear books.

Guess what? there are a lot of us here who are trying our hardest to get to 200 or 210 or 220 or 40932423423 lean pounds. And guess what? its not easy. Deceide for yourself, do you want to be a lazy fat slob (who admittedly will enjoy good tasting food) or in your case skinny wuss who soon will be a fat slob or a T-man who will get the pleasure out of eating food but not from the taste (ok I’m exagerating, grow tastes good, so does chicken and you can spice up meat fairly well if you know how to cook) but from what it can do to his body in a positive long term plan.

I get the feeling that you are chosing option number 1. Either option is fine with me, its your life.

I’m assuming this is some sort of attempt at humor?

You forgot abstaining from sexual activity; it burns WAY too many calories and takes up valuable time that could otherwise be devoted to eating pork rinds:)

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Dont’t listen to all these people!!! They are ALL lying…it’s a big conspiracy in the bodybuilding community to make you work ‘hard’ for no apparent reason and make you spend money on supplements and gym memberships!! All you need to do is everyday, take 7000mg of deca, 50g of winstrol, and next time you go to the theatres, why eat candy like M&M’s? Real Bodybuilding PRO’s replace these with D-bol tablets. They taste really nice when you gargle them down with a big jug of Cola…it’s really fizzy and refreshing. It creates an insuline spike, and allows all the sugar to reach your muscles. Your girlfriend will be really impressed on how ripped you are when you leave the theatre that night. When you are on steroids you can eat ANYTHING you want, and the amazing thing is that you don’t put on an ounce of fat!!! hope this advice helps ya :slight_smile:

low rider had some good ideas :slight_smile:
the anabolics would certainly help a lot.
you need to stop smoking and eating junk food very sparingly. You need to eat a lot of protein from food and shakes. Look muscles don’t grow from nothing. Now it took me 3 years to put on 30 pounds so workout hard and have some patience. remeber this is a lifestyle, not a fad. laters pk

EZ…go to a cosmetic surgery location and ask them to replace your nuts with 20lbs dumbles. Instant 40lbs gain without any fat.