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Dieting with MAG-10. Bill?

I’m planning on a pretty severe diet using MAG-10 to stave off muscle loss. I’ll probably get around 2000 cals a day and do Meltdown training. Bill, would you still suggest we do mostly P + C meals or stick to the usual low carbs, around 100 a day like many recommend? I know the carbs are great when bulking, but what about cutting?

If it matters, I’m 207 right not, looking to get down to 195 and hang on to the lean muscle. Will be using one dose a day after frontloading, coming off with Tribex and M. Trying to reach my goal in two cycles of this or less. Any other dieting when “on” tips? Thanks.

There’s no need for high protein when dieting. One gram per lb LBM is plenty. The best approaches seem to be isocaloric (which could be divided up over the day with P+C in the early part of the day, and P+F in the latter part a la Massive Eating; or could be consistently isocaloric) or cyclic ketogenic.

Bill, I’ve read you say this about protein when dieting before. So many have always said up your protein when you diet. Why do you suggest not to? Does this only apply to when on androgens? or does the 1g/lb apply to when dieting clean?

Perhaps they mean increase your protein if it was below 1 g/lb LBM per day?

If you’re not cutting calories too drastically,
e.g. having something like 12 cal/lb LBM/day,
then you can certainly do OK letting your protein rise higher than this (4 g/lb LBM/day)
if you’re doing a cyclic ketogenic diet but I’m not sure there’s an advantage. If you consume more than this I’d expect it’s mostly becoming a glucose source anyway.

2000 kCal/207 lbs is not severe dieting, it is just slightly below what most people would call lowest range of calories for “usual” dieting (the usually recommended 10-12 kCal/lb). If you want to hear about severe dieting, read the Fat Fast Experiment article. :slight_smile:

I’ve been “dieting” for the last 2 months or so, keeping calories at a respectable 2100 - 2500 / day - more of a low end maintenance range, but still low enough to drop fat. Well, yesterday I began a severe diet based on Cy Wilson’s article “Steroids for Dieting” (Issue 189) but using MAG-10 (1-serv/day) instead of 'roids, stacked with Ripped Fuel Extreme and Yohimbe (cheaper than MD6 + T2, but about the same). Calories are at about 1600/day: 300g protein, 100g carbs, 30-40g fat. After 24 hrs, the scale showed a loss of 1.5 lbs. This is definitely not easy, but adding in a a small green salad helps. A good multi-vitamin and psyllium fiber are a must too. So far so good, I keep you posted on the results.
I just have a question for regarding duration of the “Steroids for Dieting”. I was planning on only doing a 2 week cycle with the MAG-10, 2 weeks off w/ Tribex & M at mainenance calories, and then starting the 2-wk MAG-10 cycle again. I figure the 2 weeks off will help in preventing my metablism from slowing too much from the severe calorie restriction.
Would it be better to continue for 4 wks or more w/ M10 or just stick to my plan?