Dieting While on Tren, T3, Clen, and Test

Currently on my first week of test e and tren e at 600/400

On my third week I will add clen at around 40/60mcg per day and t3 at 50mcg! What’s your thoughts?

So my stats are 172lbs at 15% body fat (22yrs old) according to my scale, however I have done a few cycles in the past and reached 200lbs at one point but decided to drop my weight back down! I’m now eating 1700 calories spaced out between 6 meals and this is how my plan is going!

6.30am - 30mins fasted cardio (exercise bike) burning roughly 250 cals - 2 scoops of whey

10am- chicken and rice

1pm- 2 scoops of whey

4pm chicken and rice

5.30 pm 1 hour gym time

7pm 2 scoops of whey

10pm - chicken and rice

10.30pm - 20min cardio burning around 180 calories

My question to you is is the cardio sufficient with my diet? Am I doing too much? Or do you think it’s fine what I’m doing? I’m really trying to shred up and get sub 10%bf btw I’ve not started the clen and t3 yet until I’m 3 weeks in

I use clen at 160mcg ed for 2 weeks. Then I come off and wait at least 2 weeks till I jump back on. During those two weeks, I cardio up hard. I don’t know about stacking with t3, but I’ve heard good things. Your caloric intake is gonna hurt man. You may want to think about raising it a little. Just my opinion and I dunno shjt…

Hell… do you even need to do a restrict diet with all this stuff?

This things can make you burning fat machine.

1700kcals? man… I don’t know you, but this is too low, even for a 180lbs/ 15%…

Do not diet so hard, create more muscle with this drugs, and then, you’ll be able to eat more… maybe a little bit more t3 would help you, but you need to eat more!


Amen to this.

Bro that’s a fuck ton of gear. Also you kinda fat and little.

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