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dieting w/ EDT

Is it a good idea to diet (t-dawg style) while doing EDT? i was think of Meltdown with Androsol, MD6 and T2, but I’m really curious about EDT? Any thoughts?

I asked this last week and Charles Staley said “EDT with low calories, have fun” so I am guessing it would be better to do it with at least maintenance calories. I’m going to try it in 2 weeks when I get off of the T-Dawg. It seems like a good program to ease your way up to maintenance cals. after cutting for long time. Right now I am doing low reps to maintain stength while cutting.

I’m not a fan of to-failure programs while dieting. I’m too afraid of losing actual muscle cells. I’d much more recommend strength programs, but not to failure. Let the diet lose the fat. Let the weights keep the muscle.

I tried the T-dawg diet and could not make through the EDT workout. I would strongly suggest using the “don’t diet”. My carbs are ½ cup of oatmeal x 2, mix 2 scoops of surge, sip ½ during and ½ after. (99 carbs per day) the rest of the meals are (P+F) I have lost 9 lbs of mostly water / fat and 2 inches in waist in 2 weeks (were I carry most of my fat) . I also use Androsol 70 sprays morning, MD6 and T2 (old) By the way this workout will kick your ass. Good luck.