Dieting- Tough to fall Asleep

Past 2 weeks I’ve been dieting. About 2500-2700 cals with anywhere from 100-180g carbs/day.

Sometimes it can be tough to fall asleep because of feeling hungry (never liked to go to bed hungry). I still do my Metabolic Drive before hitting the sack, but it’s not enough right now.

How do you handle such a situation?

I already take ZMA regularly, perhaps something like Z12?

I never found a magic bullet for my sleep problems when dieting. I found that I needed more sleep on average, and it was harder to go to sleep every night. Sucks. Reading before bed helped me more than anything else.

I’ve dieted down many times and find that my sleep is terrible or almost non existant when my carbs are low (keto). Also, if my calories are really low in general (carbs would be low here just by the lack cals). ZMA does nothing for me. It sucks. At that calorie range though, I don’t see why you would have trouble falling asleep. If you’re like me (need carbs to sleep), have some carbs in your last meal. I know, I know.

same thing happens to me. i’m currently trying melatonin, which does seem to make me drowsy after i take it

whey keeps me up sometimes, even the whey in milk protein isolate like in MD will do it to me. i use cottage cheese instead, less whey, and makes you feel fuller. if they whey doesnt bother you try mixing them it tastes good with chocolate MD, since it sounds like youre just hungry.

or since youre low carbing anways, switch around some fats from during the day and add to your MD, a couple of teaspoons of whipping cream (what 10g of fat?) in a protein shake should do the trick to fill you up and induce a little food coma.

odd train of thought you have, you changed your diet, low carb, and now have trouble sleeping, instead of changing your diet so you can sleep, you want to take a supplement?

adding 200 cals of food before bed to let you fully sleep is far better when youre dieting than staying in what ever calculated calorie range you have going on and not sleeping well, for a lot of reasons.

Small bowl of oatmeal with one scoop of protein powder about 45-60 min before bed. Oh, and put that fiancee of yours to work :wink:

Oxytocin + Carb Crash = GHBC (GH-boosting coma)

If that doesn’t work, try (In order of progression):

  1. one teaspoon of fiber
  2. one tbsp of peanut butter
  3. Your fiancee brings a friend

Is there an attractive female nearby who can help you feel sleepy?

Alcohol helps but no good on a diet… Try some lavendar oil on your pillow.

[quote]plateau wrote:
Is there an attractive female nearby who can help you feel sleepy?

Alcohol helps but no good on a diet… Try some lavendar oil on your pillow.[/quote]

yeah, we usually bang it out before bed anyways, but I’ve never been one to fall alseep right away. Normally takes me 20-30 mins.

I was thinking about taking some fat away during the day and adding it in around bed to help the hunger.

I’m not starving before bed, but it’s enough that it creates a discomfort in my stomach to make it a little harder to get to bed. Then sometimes, I get anxious because I’m not falling asleep, which makes it a vicious cycle.

Dude, I had the same problem for years. What I do now is just schedule my calories differently, so I have a good sized (500 kcal) a half hour before bed. As long as your hitting your daily numbers, it doesn’t really matter.

Also, ever tried Tylenol PM? Goodnight.

I have this issue too. Eat right before bed and you’ll pass out and stay out. I take ZMA as well, and it helps, but if I’m on an empty stomach, there’s no way that I’ll sleep.

Carbs before bed. If you’re in a deficit, it won’t harm fat loss. And Z12 rocks.

i dont think zma’s help you fall asleep but improve the quality of it.

ive noticed whenever i eat a big meal at night (going out to eat) with some carbs then i just have to take a nap. then you can chose not to wake up until the morning.