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Dieting - Too Many Androgens?


Hey Guys,

I've got several cycles (bulking and dieting) under my belt and every year I switch it up to see how what works best for me. Gear is never on short supply and is also pharmaceutical grade, but this is what I have now:

Test prop 100mg
Tren ace 100mg
Winny tabs 50mg
Anavar tabs 5mg

Do you guys think running all of these at the same time is too many androgens at once and just a waste of money? I've used all these drugs before with awesome results, but never all at the same time.

Thanks for the input.


There is no point in taking oxandrolone (Anavar) while taking TA, as opposed to just taking a little more TA, if lacking.

In your case, your 100 mg/day is probably not lacking, so I would just drop the oxandrolone idea.

The Winstrol could afford to be moved up though, to say 50 mg 2x/day.

I'm assuming you were giving per day dosages, though you don't seem to be giving the oxandrolone that way.

If you were just giving concentrations then there is no way anyone reading this could POSSIBLY have a clue of what it is you have in mind.


Good point, thanks Bill. Would be beneficial if I proofread my messages. What I was thinking was:

Test Prop: 100mgs ED
Tren Ace: 100mgs ED
Anavar: 50mgs ED
Winny Tabs: 50mgs 2xED

That was my origional thought as to how to take what I have, but like you said I was thinking of dropping the anavar due to the TA.

I actually did a similiar cycle last year with half the dosages and had awesome results. I would just like to bump it up a bit more this time.

Thanks for the help.


That would be a solid cycle just as originally planned but without the Anavar.

If wanting to increase it -- which most would not need, but let's say it was desired -- I'd increase the testosterone to say 150 mg/day and use an aromatase inhibitor. If someone has used Arimidex before and been pleased with it then no reason to change from that; if not, I'd recommend letrozole.