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Dieting Tips

I just started wrestling season and i was wondering if anybody out there had any good dieting tips. Right now my weight is around 165lbs. and I need to get to 149lbs. I worry about diets like t-dawg and the Anabolic diet because they have no carbs. My day consist of 1 or 2 wrestling workouts and some sort of aerobic activity so I would think that I need some sort of carbs in my diet. Any help would be appreciated

You wrestle for high school? In KY, our season doesnt start till november… Try 40 -45% carbs, 30 % protein, 25- 30% fat…use your bw x 12- 14… more or less… try for steady weight loss… you’ll more than likely lose muscle at the rate you chose… try MD6 or ECA… what else?

Ah, a fellow wrestler… Any low cal diet will work, your’e probably worried about losing muscle. I think it is impossible not to in strenuous wrestling seasons, I mean you kill yourself once or twice a day while maintaining a certain weight, it sucks… Get down to around 155 hydrated, you should be able to sweat 6 punds easy in a day or two. But you probably know all about that. A good EC combo is essential, I lived on it in wrestling, not only does it help you lose weight and give you a ‘boost’ but it helps you lose some water. Even try Androsol to maintain muscle, I know if your’e young the guys here will detest it, but I mean your looking for every edge you can get why do you have to hold back because these guys didn’t use it when they were young? Well thats my 2 cents.

Actually, John, the Anabolic Diet allows for around 30 grams of carbs per day and the T-dawg allows for 70 on workout day. Now, many of the low carb gurus say that you can perform better athletically once the body adjusts to a lower carb intake. This adjustment period lasts a few weeks. Still, I agree with you that an athlete needs a higher intake and I certainly wouldn’t try it now that the season as begun. You could still do a T-Dawg type of diet, just add in more low GI carbs, say a bowl of oatmeal in the morning (none of that flavored shit either) with a real egg or two.

Any radical weight loss diet is going to hamper your performance, not just a low carb one. How long do you have to drop this 16 pounds anyway? Ever thought of just bumping up a weight class?

Chris, thanks for the info. I have about 8 weeks to lose the weight. Going up a weight is not an option I was recruited to wrestle this weight class and besides the guy that wrestles above me is bigger and more experienced. I’ll give the modified t-dawg diet a try. Thanks again.