Dieting tips

I am currently unemployed, and since I had all this free time, I decided to try the fat fast diet. I survived for 2 weeks, but after mediocre results the 2nd week, I went back to my old eating habits.

My problem with eating clean, or even staying on a ketosis diet, is that I love to eat. And no matter what I do, I always feel deprived. I’ve decided I’m not looking for a quick fix (a la fat fast) anymore, and I know the healthiest way to lose and keep weight off is through a good steady diet and workout regimen.

What I am trying to find out is how everybody motivates themselves to eat clean all the time. For me, I’m either eating entirely clean or anything I want. Because of this, my weight fluctuates a lot. What do you do to keep to a steady diet?

PS I used to do a weekly refeed where I could eat anything I wanted on Saturdays, but those once-a-week refeeds eventually started lasting longer.

eat less food = lose weight.

Whenever I need motivation I just look at a picture of someone who has a physique better than mine. When you eat alot all of the time or pig out all of the time your body becomes accustomed to eating all that food, but when you decrease the amount of food you eat your body will adjust to that too, but you have decrease calories gradually. You can’t go from 5000 calories a day of pizza, french fries and beer to 1500 calories of protein powder and flax. No one can eat clean 100% of the time. It took me a couple of years to quit cheating and drinking 3 or 4 nights a week, but eventually you get sick of looking like shit and you make it work. This probably isn’t what you wanted to hear but if there was an easy way everyone would do it.

Thanks for the replies. I know there’s no easy way, but I just wanted to know how people kept their sanity during cutting phases.

BTW, I’m currently 225 lbs, and I’m looking of shedding 20-30 lbs. To me, it’s not that much weight because I’ve lost 50 lbs before and kept it off for a couple years. But then my eating habits started getting worst and my weight crept back up. What do you think is a reasonable amount of time to lose that amount of weight?

when I need motivation or feel like I have been slacking, I read the following:

During the past summer I lost 30 lbs(250-220 /I’m 5’8") in about three months. None of it was muscle. No drugs.
I kept motivated to diet by allowing myself a refeed once every workout day immediately post-lifting session in the form of a really (I mean REALLY) sugary drink. It may not be what you’re craving, but it always stopped the cravings that I had. If I was wanting something during the day, I always told myself that I would have it if I still wanted it after my post-workout drink.

Hey, it worked for me…


Congrats on the fat loss. I usually don’t crave anything sugary, because when I plan my diet and meals, it has a lot of protein shakes. I’m usually craving something on the salty side, like pasta or pizza. I don’t think I can completely cut down on carbs again, but I think I need to choose better carbs.

Also, does anyone feel like their brain goes numb when they are on low-carb diets? My memory and thinking just aren’t as sharp when I’m doing a low-carb diet.

Motivation for me is hearing how sexy my body is time and time again from the girls,this makes me eat clean for atleast 90% of the time…

Your sense of deprivation might be more than just food.

“I kept motivated to diet by allowing myself a refeed once every workout in the form of a really (I mean REALLY) sugary drink.”

Do you mean your PWO shake? This should be sweet and you should have it regardless of whether you are day immediately post-lifting session dieting or not. I eat approx 100g of a malto and dextrose blend whether I am cutting or not.

Yeah, I’m talking about the PWO drink (which, btw, I also take all the time, regardless). My point (and on rereading my post, I’ve realised that I missed it completely) is that this drink is enough to look forward to, to quell any craving that I have during the day. Y’know, something to look forward to so that I don’t binge. It’s all in how you look at things. Make the PWO drink seem like a treat, as opposed to a neccessity, and I can stay on a diet much easier.
Don’t know if that makes sense or not…

Also, does anyone feel like their brain goes numb when they are on low-carb diets? My memory and thinking just aren’t as sharp when I’m doing a low-carb diet.

That’s normal during the first two weeks of a diet, when you’re reducing carbs below what you body is used to. You’re shifting from being a sugar burner to being a fat burner.

If the fuzziness goes on beyond two weeks, there are some fixes, some supps and some strategic carb timing.

For structure, follow some of the programs here on the forum. T-Dawg rocks, and if you need any help running the numbers, I’d be glad to help.

Motivation? Unfortunately, it comes from within. I wanted what I wanted so badly that I was willing to do hours of cardio, hours of working out, and was essentially starving myself. T-Mag saved me from myself.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Hang out, read the forum and the articles. Somewhere along the way something will light a fire under you. (grin)

How’s your health and energy levels, by the way? And do you get enough sleep at night? Is work overly exhausting or stressful?

Also, does anyone feel like their brain goes numb when they are on low-carb diets? My memory and thinking just aren’t as sharp when I’m doing a low-carb diet. [/quote]

Two questions to ask are one, how high is your protein intake, and two, when you say low carb, how low are you talking?

That ‘brain fog’ should last nowhere near two weeks. It should usually last only a few days, and has already mentioned this is simply a transition. Anything under 100g of carbs is ‘technically’ somewhat ketogenic in nature, assuming that your protein intake isn’t too high. So, if you are in fact ketogenic, your energy levels, mental acuity, etc. should be good after the adaptation period, which again is typically only a few days. However, say your carbs are just over 100, and your protein is quite high, low energy levels are quite common. In this case you’re still primarily running on sugar, yet you don’t have enough coming in to have very good energy levels.

Tampa-Terry and Thunder,

I was doing the fat fast diet, so my carbs were right around 14g/day. My protein intake was ~180g for my body weight of 235. The fuzziness didn’t stick around too long, but I couldn’t remember facts right off the top of my head like I was used to.

Steele, I understand now. In fact, I sometimes workout just so that I can indulge in my shake.

Yeah CGB. That’s what I’m talking about exactly.
‘The reason to work out is to get the carb drink.’ LOL

ds888, Fat Fast is pretty intense, with an unusually high dropout rate. Most people can’t stick with it for that long. Please do me a big favor and look at T-Dawg 2.0. Compared to the 14g you were taking in, it’s considerably more generous with the carbs. People have enjoyed quite a bit of success with it, without feeling too terribly deprived. And hunger is not an issue – not like Fat Fast, anyway.

You didn’t faily, ds888. You need a better diet!

You’re going to start feeling a lot better about things once you start seeing some success. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s being successful that really motivates the heck outta you! (grin)