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Dieting Tips?

ok so im a new body builder been training for about 2 months now but… i’m haveing problems with my meal plan i have no idea where to start or how to approach it so far ive just been stuffing my face with oatmeal and as much tuna,chicken, and steak as i can get my hands on what are some easy tips for me to get myself on a controlled diet and figure out how many calories i burn/need in a day to grow

any advice welcome :smiley:

Eat alot of whole foods with a plentiful amount of lean meats. Don’t neglect fruit or vegetables. Get in good sources of fats, think almonds, nat peanut butter, cold water fish, flax.

Pick a calorie value, say 3000/day. Try that for two weeks, if you added mass, but not too fast, then stay there, if not add about 200-300 kcals/week/day until you start gaining.

DO NOT go on a see food diet, this is just pointless and leads to a lot of fat gain. Well, let me rephrase that, do not go on a see food diet unless you are 6’3’’ 130lbs.

Some specific information, like height/weight/goals/body fat/etc would be helpful.

I’d read this article:

You don’t have to do the cycling, but it is pretty good about explaining how to choose a starting point for calories to take in and how to plan your meals out. The physique clinics might be a good thing to check out for food ideas too.

appreciate it guys