Dieting Seminar, Garden City, NY Nov 5, 2011

Hopefully this will turn into a regular thing :slight_smile:


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“Synergy” fitness clubs!

Hope it goes well!

Would go if i was even remotely close lol, all the best man!

Cool! Good luck Stu- hope you get a huge turnout!

Ha, very cool, and about time. :wink:

I knew the date sounded familiar, kiddo has the SAT that day. I’ll see if I can make it anyhow.

hmmm an hour away driving through manhattan and queens for direct, invaluable diet advice. hmmmmm

if I don’t have other plans I will try to make it.

I’m assuming you will take admission at the door?

and are you going to record the seminar for attendees or should I just take notes?

Thanks guys, first time doing anything like this. I had designed a diet and program for the owner of the gym a few months back (actually he owns a few gyms, this one was the former Golds that he bought and really pumped some $ into), helping him lose 8 lbs his first month, and still making a ton of progress. Eventually I made buddies with the different trainers there, and helping their clients with their dietary programs as well as their own (head trainer coming off of a lay-off and surgery, so he’s hiring me to supervise his program).

Obviously I won’t be able to address everyone’s individual dietary #s like I do with actual clients, but I’ve got a pretty good outline where I’ll talk about different diets and the pros and cons of each, variables to be concerned with when trying to lose bodyfat without muscle loss, common mistakes people make in terms of diet and training/cardio when attempting body recompositions etc.
And of course I’ll field any questions people may have about specifically what I do as far as my own approach to training and diet when getting ready for competition.

A few people have inquired about recording it, but to be honest, I’m thinking that afterwards, I’ll probably realize many topics I could have included, and ammend the outline. If all goes well, I know the gym would love me to do this on a regular basis. The owner and I have spoken about monthly seminars for competitors (going over posing etc) as well. I know that when people get me going, I can run my mouth for a very long time, so I’m going to try to touch on the important basic stuff, delve into a bit for serious comeptitors as well as the more ‘average’ person, and then take questions.

Afterwich, I’ll be grabbing a workout (seriously awesome gym, so if you come for the seminar, definitely bring your training gear!), and then probably hitting the IHOP down the road (all T-Folk are invited of course!)


So Stu when you coming out the the minneapolis area to do a seminar and train with synergy? :slight_smile:

Working that day otherwise I’d be there in a heartbeat. hope it goes well for ya stu

[quote]ryanbCXG wrote:
So Stu when you coming out the the minneapolis area to do a seminar and train with synergy? :)[/quote]

Lol, man, that’d be something! I know a lot of people see photos of this monster and just assume he’s simply a gym-beast, but that’s not the end-all of it. During the brief time I spent out in Colorado this past summer with him, we had some really intellectual training exchanges. The guy really knows his stuff (lest you think he’s one o’ those fellas who just does anything and somehow becomes enormous).

I think it would be fascinating just to hear him discuss how his training has evolved from his days of focusing on his performance for the football field, to now, still somewhat performance rooted, but now more of a bodybuilder as well. It’d certainly be a contrast to my own training exolution.


Well i have trained with him twice so not too much talking gets done but it has been quite the amazing experience.

I would certianly be attending if you guys did something like that. He is a great guy, very nice and humble and has no problem helping me and allowing me to train wiht him.

Just bumping this up to remind everyone that my first time giving a dieting/nutrition seminar is this coming Saturday!

I’m probably over-preparing with my notes/outline, but I want everyone to get their money’s worth :slight_smile:


Hey man,

I never check this part of the forum (or rarely). I’m not around that day or I’d jet over to support you, just wanted to wish you good luck.

Thanks John! Really hoping this turns into something for me. The last few years have really shocked me quite a bit. I had no clue I’d ever be as successful as I have competing, let alone have the numbers of people contact me for prep and coaching work that have. Crossing my fingers here :slight_smile:


how’d it go Stu?

On the negative side, my audience was pretty much all trainers from the different locations of the gym chain. On the positive side, none of these ‘trainers’ seemed to know anything about nutrition at all, and they seriously were hanging on my every word. I had made a little outline for myself in ensure that I touched on all topics I thought would be relevant, but I didn’t expect that I’d end up talking for an hour and a half in order to cover everything!

A couple of the trainers from the actual gym I spoke at told me that the owner really dropped the ball as far as publicizing the event, which didn’t make me feel too great. Still, there is that great feeling you get when a “personal trainer” smugly answers your rhetorical question aloud, only to be totally incorrect, and you get to crush them with your amazing wealth of knowledge -lol.

I did receive a lot of genuine thanks from people in attendance, which was cool, but I was hoping for much more of a PR situation than it turned out to be (I did get a prep client after the seminar, but she wasn’t in attendance, and was just recommended to me by one of the other gym members).

Now I’ve got to ponder if other gyms would be interested in hosting my little lecture…


well that’s good, maybe you’ll get more referrals out of it!