Dieting question

ok here goes, im still trying to cut some bf off, i’ve been on a low-carb diet(100-120g per day)for almost coming up on 2 months. my first question is should i get off this and try something new eventhough its been working dropped about 12lbs. and what do u all think about the supplements that im about to take while i go on t-dawg 2.0 which i will be trying starting next monday. im planning on using ON Whey,Flax & fish oil,multi-vitamin,Yohimbe,surge,and creatine. i basically can’t afford anything else eventhough i wouldn’t mind taking mag-10 or something like that. so that was a little background basically what im asking is will t-dawg provide me with great benefits although ive been using a low-carb type diet and what do u all think of my supps??? thanks.

Well, honestly tdawg isnt that much lower than what you currently eat. I guess it will shift your carb count to 70-100 from your 100-120 range, but that really isn’t a lot depending on types of carbs you are eating.

Supps look fine, I don’t use that many even but doesn’t seem overboard or anything.

Surge rocks on tdawg, really helps.

Dizzle, T-Dawg is probably one of my favorite diets. It’s a diet you could make a lifestyle.

Carbs are a little lower, like Antiliberal said. Emphasis is on green veggie carbs. Surge will do a great job of protecting LBM.

Honestly, you could skip most of your supps for the time being (except Surge). Even protein powder is nothing more than a convenience. There’s nothing wrong with getting your protein from whole-food sources. Save the Yohimbe for when you’re hitting 10%, sort of as a finishing tool. There are topical and oral versions, both.

If you’re averaging 1.5 pounds per week, I’m kinda inclined to tell you not to mess with your program. At least don’t mess with the numbers/grams too much. As they say, "If it ain’t broke . . . " On the other hand, I very much like the P+F and P+C food combining that is a a core value/approach of T-Dawg.

Good luck to you, Dizzle. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Dizzle, I have to add to my previous post. I don’t consider fish oil, flaxseed oil and multi-vitamins to be “supps.” I consider them to be mainstays of ANY bulking or cutting program. The EFAs, especially, are just good food, essential to health.

I just wanted to clarify that. Save your money on the OTHER performance-enhancing supps and spend it on quality food. And when you achieve your goal, treat yourself to a 12-week cycle of Mag-10. There ought to be some good prices popping up soon.