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Dieting question?

Which do most of you T-Men and T-Vixens think is better to lose fat and keeping your hard earned muscle? Lowering your carbs and keeping your calories at maintenance level or lowering your calories to say 500 calories below maintence and keeping a moderate amount of carb (low GI and II carbs) intake?

I have always had success with dropping calories below maintenance but also keeping carbs at a sensible level(t-dawg). If I drop carbs too low my intensity in the gym drops off greatly.

If you are eating maintenace the fat loss will be slower obviously and will be more dependenant on you exercise regime
However there should be sod all muscle loss.
Also i think it depends on how long you have been training, newbies can put on muscle and drop fat at the same time while on maintenance Kcal
if taking something that is going to prevent catabolis eg MAG10, then drop the cals
Biggest factor should be strength levels in the gym, if they are going down, time to re-evaluate either program, rest, nutrition, (maybe supps) but most likely up the cals ( i prefer from carbs, others disagree)