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Dieting problems

My problem is too much muscle loss while dieting. I’m 6’1 220 10-12% bodyfat. My maintenance calories is 3000 per day. I’m eating 2000 per day. 40% protein 40% carb 20% fat ratio. I lift weights 3 days a week and jog about 3 days a week. And what’s really pissing me off is that I’m taking 500mg of Primoteston depot per week and I’m still losing muscle. for every inch I lose off my waist I lose a quarter inch off my arms. My food choices are good, oatmeal, brown rice, chicken, tuna. I’m really getting frustrated so if anybody has any ideas or experiences then please give me some pointers, Thanks.

well I have no Idea what the Steroid is (if it’s for mass or cutting) but if you’re losing muscle, why not only go down to 2500 calories instead of 2000. You might be cutting too much out. I know JMB cites studies where the leaner you are, the more muscle you will lose. Also remember that the body has an area it likes to stay at (that whole homeostasis thing), so getting leaner will take a lot of finagalling (if that’s spelled right).

You could be just losing water and fat off your arms. When you go on a diet, typically you lose some water due to some degree of carb depletion. Also, unless you have some weird build with all the fat only on the waist, you are likely to lose fat everywhere.

your calories are to low first off, you should be getting at least 2500 a day spread over 6 meals. second your gonna lose fat from all over your body so yes your arms will get smaller everytime you diet, that doesn’t mean it’s muscle…if your getting weaker on 500mg’s a week of test then your doing something really wrong. also you’d make better progress if you lifted 4 or 5 times a week with short rest intervals and jogged only once or twice, since your on a healthy dose of test you should be able to add some muscle while losing fat if you are eating as clean as you say and tracking your calorie intake.