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Dieting on Off Days


Yo, I was wondering if anyone could help me with me cutting diet on days i dont train. I have been dieting for six weeks now and gone from 198 to 185 with the Layne Norton guidelines. So far its gone great but Im beginning to feel like i need to adjust my diet to my off training days as well. Since Layne does not point out how to do the off days in his article i am not sure how to handle the off days. I have carbs first thing in the morning and pre, during and post workout. My diet looks like this on training days:

Meal 1:
1 serving ON gold standard whey
25 gr rolled oats

Meal 2:
4 eggs
Mixed greens

Meal 3:
140 gr canned tuna
25 gr peanut butter

Meal 4:
250 gr egg whites
100 gr rolled oats

Post workout:
1 serving ON whey
1 serving ON GlycoMaize

Meal 5:
150 gr chicken
150 gr brown rice
Steamed broccoli

Meal 6:
1 serving 100% casein from ON
3 CLA caps
5 gr fish oil

Macros are sitting at about
Protein: 240 gr
Carbs: 180 gr
Fat: 60 gr

I train with weights monday, wednesday and friday, and do cardio on tuesday and thursday (saturday optional). I treat cardio like weight training diet wise, have a pre, intra and post workout meal like when i train with weights.
Please help me fellow weightlifters!


I would drop all the carbs on off days.


What kind of cardio? You don't need much carbs at all if you are doing low intensity stuff, like treadmill walking, etc. Just drop the carbs a bit on your days off... don't have any carbs around your cardio and see where that takes you.


I do high intensity interval circuits on the treadmill, 8 sets of 30 sec sprinting and 60 sec walking.


I'd say a diet with 200g of carbs for sombody with your weight will work in only 20% of the time, or for a limited period of time only.
I'd try to cycle carbs and go low in carbs on at least 3 days per week. Low meaning less than 50g.

I'd leave the calories at around 2.2K, where they are at the moment. I believe it's better to change only few parameters at one time and not everything at once. See how the cycling works and start to adjust calories in 3 weeks or so.
On low-carb days you should increase your fat intake a bit. I'd go with 80g. To reach the desired calories, you'll have to go well over 300g of protein on those days.

Have 3 moderate carb days a week (around 100g of carbs) and only one high carb day, where I, personally, would go to 300g-400g of carbs, very little protein (low-protein day) and little fat. But you can do it differently and, e.g., just have 1-2 free meals on that day (lke pancakes for breakfast and pasta for dinner). This will take care of the carbs. But mind you, it's 2 meals, not an entire day of "cheating".

Try to increase NEPA as much as possible (non-exercise physical activity) and increase your g-flux (do a search on that).
Later in your diet, you might want to vary your calorie intake from day to day (from 1800-2200 on normal days and up to 3000 on the day with the free meals).
Cheers, PA


I'd cycle carbs, on off days drop carbs except for maybe breakfast, bowl of porridge or something.


Thanks a lot guys, I have set up a low carb off-day diet. Macros standing at;
Protein: 275 gr
Carbs: 63 gr
Fat: 88 gr
Will be switching up my cardio into 20 minute jogging, maybe 3-5 km each session. If that works well for me I'll set up high-, moderate- and low-carb days.
Really appreciate your input guys, thanks!