Dieting etc.

Here’s a quick question. I read some of the diets here on the T-mag forumn and the recommend multiplying your bodyweight by a certain number to determine calorie requirments. why multiply your total bodyweight and not just lean body mass? isn’t LBM what really counts?

since I’m posting, let me ask opinions on this training. First of all my goal is to be in great shape, like the t-logo. I do hapkido and tae kwon do and want to be athletic not just a showpiece. I’m an endomorph. this is the type of training i wanted to follow and have been for now.

1)chest and arms super sets/10 sets for chest and 6 for bi and tri 2) back and hams total 10-12 sets (6-8 for hams) 3) circuit type day - with all bodyweight movements (i.e. pushup,dips,chins...) with 1 form of cardio in the cycle i.e. bike, jump rope... i would also focus on quads on the third day, but my legs have been getting sore from the martial arts training so every other week on the third day i would put squats and leg press and lunges into the circuit.

also 2 days of 2 hrs of martial arts and on the three training days cardio after and 1 day of just cardio and one off day.

whadaya think?