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Dieting Down Help!


Hey guys, been lurking the nation for a very long time (one of my top sites) but i decided to make a post as i really don't have a clue to the answer ..

I've been dieting down for my second competition for 8 weeks now, i've just kicked it into high gear for the last 30 days and changed my diet from a moderate carb, around 190 a day (60 or so were after training) to a low carb super strict diet, it worked for my last comp and i actually won best condition and best presentation for it!

Buut, as i said it's just for 30 days, i'm on my third day (well just had the last meal of day 2) and my parents have made me a lovely steak lol, she knows i am on a diet so she just made loads of vegtables and 2 steaks (around 30g of protein from both) there is no gravy on them or anything and i am wondering if it is alright to eat them for a meal tomorrow! I know this sounds crazy but this is what these diets do to you lol! I'm already sniffing 85% cocoa chocolate. I don't want to cheat my diet as i have a sheet printed out where i tick the days 1-30 off every night and there is also a cheat box which i tick everytime i cheat, and i NEVER cheat! :slightly_smiling:
But my mum has just left home and she came round and cooked this nice steak for me and i've already told her i've eaten it and it was lovely etc lol, just feel bad for throwing it away!!!!

It seems to satisfy me enough to cure the cravings!


go here: http://tinyurl.com/ohjpl2


ROFL JMoU good post.


Are you kidding here? I can't tell from your post


thanks, but for future reference it's JMo (pronounced jay-moe) UCF (the school i attend) 87 (year of birth)

terrible screenname i'll admit, but the best i could come up with at the time.

elsewhere on the net it's simply jmo87


No worries. Was just too lazy to type out the whole thing so I stopped half-way ;p


What's wrong with including steak in a competition diet? Is it a particulary fatty cut of meat? If not, then simply determine how many calories you are allowed for the meal and weigh the steak etc. It's not cheating. Lean red meat is one of the best foods to eat while cutting IMO. Cheers.


Thank you!

I always stuck to white meats and didn't know if a calorie dense meat like steak was ok to have.

and yes sniffing chocolate seems to satisfy my craving lol getting from 8/9% down to stage weight for me is really hard, i have bad genetics to get down really lean (natural endomorph) so i have to train alot and eat real strict to make the date.


then yes, you should click Jmo's link. That's like sniffin pussy and not eating it.