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Dieting Cycle - Too Many Androgens?

Hey Guys,

Just wanted some opinions here. I’ve got several bulking/dieting cycles under my belt and wanted to try something new this time around.

I currently have a nice stockpile of test prop, winny tabs, tren ace, and anavar on the way. I know that’s a lot of androgens in the body at once and Im sure this would lead to some incredible strength gains/muscle hardness, but do you guys think it’s overkill? I’ve run all these before, but never at the same time. What do you guys think?


I think you should include your current stats, past cycle experience and the dosing and timing for your proposed cycle if you want any useful feedback.

There’s not really a point in using oxandrolone at the same time as trenbolone acetate, as opposed to using a little more TA.